Critique of Five Argumentative Essays

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In the introduction, the author has done a good job engaging the audience with emotions, and painting a vivid scene of the seals being slaughtered. This essay does a good job of acknowledging the other point of views. This essay also has a good, clear sense of structure. The author has a strong thesis statement, that gave a clear indication of what the following paragraphs are about.
In the conclusion of “Bloody Ice,” the author makes the suggestion of ranching the seals. But how is that a better method to regulate the killing of seals? Ranching seals might come off as inhumane and cruel to somebody else. The author needs to define what is inhumane and cruel. The author states, “According to Oceans magazine, before the limit of 180,000 seals was established in 1950, the number of seals had dwindled from 3,300,000 to 125,000,000.” That is a large reduction in the number of seals dying. The author claims, ”Now, even with this allotment, the seals are being killed off at an almost greater rate than they can remultiply.” It doesn’t prove to the audience that with current regulations that their is a danger of the extension of seals.

RSS Should Not Provide Dorm Room Carpets
In this essay, the author has argued a clear problem, about why not to install carpet in dorm rooms. I believe that the reasons the author gives might appeal to the audience. But I believe this essay is underdeveloped. It is more about the reasons why the author feels carpeting dorm rooms is a bad idea. But not if the students really believe it’s a bad idea. I think the author should have included a student survey or testimonies about why carpet is a bad idea.
Another point the author makes is about the cost. The author states, “According, to Rick Jones, ...

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...provide regular health checks, as is successfully done in Nevada, Germany, and other parts of the U.S. and Europe, which will therefore cut down on diseases spreading unknowingly.” The author does not say how regular health checks do in fact cut down on diseases in other countries. The author just claims that it should happen.
I think the author does not put up a good argument in this essay. One of the opposing points was the moral issue of prostitution. The author wrote, “If a person were to say that prostitution is the root of all evil, that will not make it go away. It exists. Society must begin to realize that fear or denial will not make the “ugliness” disappear. It still exists.” Simply because something is immoral, and it exists doesn’t mean it should be legalized. Murder is immoral, and it exists. But it’s not going to be legalized, because it’s dangerous.
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