Modern Ways to Bully Others: Cyberbullying Essay

Modern Ways to Bully Others: Cyberbullying Essay

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We humans live in a corrupt society. There are many things that make life hard to live through. For example, your job, school, or even little things make life hard. One of the things that make human life hard to live though are other humans. We are constantly being harmed by our peers in harmful ways. It's called bullying and it is completely wrong. From the beginning of time people have been bullied one way or another. This includes physical and verbal bullying. However as we progress through time we humans are finding new ways to bully others. One new way that we have decided to hurt others is called cyber buying.
Cyber bullying is when you harass a person through the internet. Cyber bullies mostly use social media sites in order to provoke a person. Harassing via texting is also considered cyber bullying. One age group who serve the most cyber bullying are teenagers. This is because teenagers have not fully matured and do not fully understand the effects that bullying can cause.
Cyber bullying is generally done by social media sites. These include but are not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. Using these social media sites cyber bullies lie and spread rumors. They also post negative pictures or videos about a person. They say offensful jokes in order to humiliate someone. They also do other things. But the main reason they do these things are to offend a person.
Cyber bullying can be prevented using many methods. The most important method to stop cyber bullying is to confront him or her. The first step to talking to your bully is not to offend him or her. Most of the time they will continue to fight back at you and this time it could even hurt more than the last. So when you ...

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... bully on a social media website like Facebook, your account has to be dismantled. This is because all social media websites are required to have a rule against bullying. The website can also block your IP address in order to prevent you from making a new social media account.
Another consequence of being a cyber bully is being taken into custody. If you are caught cyber bullying you will at least be fined for your actions. The amount you get fined depends on how much you affected the victim. If your bullying actions caused detrimental changes to the victim you can be be put into jail. The amount of time you are locked away also depends on the case. You will most probably be locked away if the victim committed suicide.
If you are a cyber bully please stop. The damage you are causing will offend someone else. Just picture yourself as the victim of cyber bullying.

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