Cyber Bullying Essay

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Everyone has been bullied or has at least been aware of someone that has. Back in the day you would just have to deal with bullying at school then when the bell rang and you left you at least had a break from it. That is not the case today because of one huge thing in our society. It is known as cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying through technology. Cyber bullying is very dangerous and it needs to be stopped, it is causing too much harm to people today. How people execute cyber bullying can happen through any type of media. Whether it is Facebook, twitter, Myspace etc. People actually disguise themselves as other people to become friends with them and all of a sudden turn on them and post negative things on the internet to hurt them so everyone else can see (i-SAFE Inc, 2015). It is really scary that you never know till it’s too late who the actual person really is. Cyber…show more content…
First is if your child comes to you help them (Tips to Help Stop Cyber bullying, 2013). It takes a lot for a victim to come to someone when they have a problem take advantage of it and try to help. Second thing before doing something about the problem. It could turn out bad if certain people find out that a parent is involved, it could make it worse for the victim (Tips to Help Stop Cyber bullying, 2013). The reason is because the bullies could think that it’s a threat to them. Third is making sure you get both sides of the story (Tips to Help Stop Cyber bullying, 2013). You don’t want to be in a situation where your child was overreacting or not telling the whole truth. You could cause a bigger issue compared to the previous one. Lastly your child’s self-esteem can be really damaged from their experience of bullying so you have to help them feel better about themselves (Tips to Help Stop Cyber bullying, 2013). You as a parent have a power to help you son or daughter. Take advantage of these tips they could save a

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