cyber bullying

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In our society today everyone is power hunger. Without power you have no control . Bullying is a way of gaining power and feeling as if you are in control. For decades now bullying has been a problem within our societies. This problem has become the norm and way of life or a coming of age where kids feel as if they must bully . The problem has become more than teasing on the play grounds or rude comments in the work place . It has become cyber, which we call cyber bullying. This is when you use technology to antagonize someone else virtually. Cyber bullying is only used with children. The ongoing problem grows rapidly everyday as technology becomes more accessible. In schools today they do surveys which state “68% of teens agree that cyber bullying is a serious problem(STOP Cyberbullying) This problem has caused many issues within our world today.
Cyber bullying is when a minor is harassed over the Internet or a mobile device by another minor. It does not occur within adults ; when it occurs within adults it is referred to as cyber harassment or cyber stalking. This problem can escalade between minors and cause death , physical violence , and lack of attendance in schools (STOP Cyberbullying) .Schools have had many issues within the last few years trying to step in and help situations of cyber bullying. They are usually hit with the law and can’t do anything about it because its violating students right to free speech (STOP Cyberbullying).
There are many negative side effects to this problem. Thing such as lack of attendance and low self esteem are few negative side effects. These side effects can lead to suicide and harm of other students (Kevorkian and D'Antona 15). Cyber bullying has made many head lines and there has been ma...

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... inch they always want to run a mile.
Adults argue that the best solution to this problem is age restriction on the cyber world. Many parents want age restrictions on these social networks and communication tools so that their young children don’t get involved to quickly. In reality children will do what they want regardless of age restrictions .The most effective way to stop the cyber bullying is educating children. There are to many different types of cyber bullying to have just one solution. We need to start the process of stopping cyber bullying in the homes. Parents play a huge role in the process by teaching their kids not to participate in bullying over the Internet. Schools can only do so much , but to try and educate our young so that when they become more exposed to technology they won’t take a negative advance of it and bully someone (Connect Safely.).
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