Mixed Methods Approach, Research Questions, And Hypothesis Essay

Mixed Methods Approach, Research Questions, And Hypothesis Essay

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Mixed-Methods Approach, Research Questions, and Hypothesis
A mixed-method approach of embedded designs could be considered when investigating how art education influences academic achievement of students with special needs. The goal of this mix-method research would be to answer the following questions. 1. How does art education influence academic achievement by subject matter? 2. How does art education influence testing scores? 3. How does art education influence student motivation and engagement? These questions seek to reveal how art influences academic achievement in a quantitative and qualitative manner. The hypothesis for this effort would be that art education integration promotes student success among students with special needs. The quantitative aspect of the research would be geared to address research questions 1 and 2. By conducting a correlation study on students who receive art education integrating into their curriculum compared to students who do not will allow for quantitative data to be collected by using assessment instruments. The data collected can be organized and put into some kind of statistical graph form for better understanding of the findings. The qualitative piece of the research will focus around research question number 3 concerning student motivation and engagement. This part of the examination will be driven by participation and observations of special needs students who received art education integrated into their class instruction.
Literature Review
Other research relevant to this effort examine the relationship between academic achievement and arts education in the U.S., how art integration contributes to student success for disadvantaged student populations, and the use of grant prog...

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...cal Considerations
For an embedded design study of how art education integration promotes student success among students with special needs, care will need to be taken during the research proposal process by clearly stating the intent and goals of the research. Validity concerns could be called to question concerning the sample size and the participants’ disabilities. The research must be cautious in making generalizations to a larger population and when correlating data collected. Conducting an investigation that recognizes these concerns will make the research more creditable and trustworthy (Leedy, 2013). Special consideration will need to be taken concerning the protection of the participants’ privacy concerning names and assessment data. Permission from the school and participant guardians will be necessary, along with approval from the internal review board.

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