Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy : Mindfulness And Meditation Essay

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy : Mindfulness And Meditation Essay

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The first thoughts that come to mind when discussing Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is that, this therapy seem to be centered on mindfulness and meditation. This simple fact alone is part of the many reasons I find interest in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. Founded by Zindel Segal, Mark Williams, and John Teasdale, MBCT was designed to prevent the relapse of depression (Segal, Williams, & Teasdale, 2002). According to Segal, et al (2002), mindfulness is the awareness that presents itself when a person is paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, in a nonjudgmental way. I think that by allowing clients to use the techniques of MBCT, it can allow them to recognize the different states of mind they may have and ultimately disengage from negative thoughts. In some cases, such as depression, MBCT can be very helpful for these clients to be mindful, accept the good and bad in their life, and be able to move forward without letting the negative thought affect them. From an MBCT perspective, I will explore how this therapy aligns with my own worldview, the most effective aspects of MBCT, how MBCT can be used in relational difficulties, and how MBCT can be used to treat depression. In addition, I will examine how MBCT can be useful in religious clients, diverse groups, and in what ways can MBCT be improved or enhanced.
I would definitely have to say that MBCT is definitely congruent with my worldview. In particular, MBCT aligns with my life experiences in many ways. For instance, whenever I am dealing with stressful situations, my mother always taught me to take a moment of quiet time to either pray about it or do some deep thinking about the situation. This resembles what the text discusses on “sitting meditation”, ...

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...not only for exercise but for meditation and relaxation as well, and it may be useful for clients. Moreover, I also enjoy silent prayer; it gives me time to reflect on my thoughts and taking time to talk to God to help me deal with difficult situations. I definitely feel that the techniques that are helpful in my life could also be extremely helpful in my client’s lives in collaboration with MBCT.
In conclusion, I really enjoyed learning more about the MBCT process. This therapy focuses on allowing clients to be aware of their thoughts and feelings through mindfulness and meditation. In addition, it allows client to accept and let go of negative situations in their past and focus on the present moment. I think that MBCT will be very helpful in my future practice, with hopes of teaching my clients to skills they can use to disengage negative thoughts throughout life.

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