Milton Cayette IIi : A Native Of St. James Parish Essay examples

Milton Cayette IIi : A Native Of St. James Parish Essay examples

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Milton Cayette III is a native of St. James Parish and currently resides in Gonzales, Louisiana with his wife Zianka Cayette, two sons, Kingston and Maddox Cayette. Mr. Cayette graduated from Ascension Catholic High School in 1999 and proceeded to attend Nicholls State University in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. Mr. Cayette received his Bachelors of Art in American Government and Politics and received his associate of science in criminal justice and police science in 2004 as well while minoring in psychology. Mr. Cayette has been in the criminal justice field for ten years. Mr. Cayette served five years as a parole deputy and is currently on his fifth year as a detective. He joined the Ascension Parish Sheriff Office in April 2006 and is still currently working with the Sheriff Office. Mr. Cayette is also on the swat/crisis response team as member of four years. He is a fire arm instructor and hopes to be the future St. James Parish Sheriff.
I asked Mr. Cayette to tell me what he feel are the positive factors related to being a criminal justice person. He said, “The positives about being in the criminal justice system is that there is a thin line between order and chaos. As of the last few years, criminal justice professionals have been under a lot of scrutiny. The majority of guys that are "called to do the job" have been profiled by the few guys that feel they can do the job by being a law enforcement officer. A cop provides a feeling of security to most people. When most people see a law enforcement officer, they feel safe no matter what the situation may be. Even with the negative publicity the police has been receiving, some cops are still seen as the good guys and keep order in the community. Being a police officer is still at the...

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...erall, I think that this interview has taught me that every law enforcement officer have a different opinion and it should be voiced. Mr. Cayette told me exactly how he felt without holding back. It was different just listening to the responses because it was said by an actual officer instead of just another ordinary person expressing how they feel. The interview also made me realize that people cannot be mad at every police officer for one police officer’s wrong doing. According to National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, “There are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the United States, which is the highest figure ever. About 12 percent of those are female.” People should stop listening to the media all the time because it does convince people to hate police officers because there are many police officers in the U.S. with good intentions.

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