The Four Responsibilitiess Of The Four Responsibilities Of Law Enforcement

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Out of the four responsibilities of an American police officer, I would have to say that enforcing laws is the most important. Laws are very important, because they dictate what is acceptable and what is not within a given society. Police officers must uphold these laws to keep society in balance and the people within it safe. If police officers did not enforce laws, then society would be in utter chaos. There would not be any consequences for crimes unless someone was enforcing the laws and arresting those who violated them. I think that enforcing the law is also very important because it can act as a deterrent for crimes. If individuals see that someone was arrested for a certain crime, then they make think twice about doing it. This is…show more content…
Preventing crime is very important, even though I believe that the first two responsibilities I mentioned also help to prevent crime. Preventing crime is very important, because police can deter individuals from committing more crimes or can even prevent them from committing a crime in the first place. Also, law enforcement can prevent a crime from happening by being present in the right place at the right time. When officers do their patrols of neighborhoods and busy streets, I believe that they catch a lot of people doing bad things. These individuals could be harassing other individuals or acting belligerent in public. There are a variety of offenses that an officer could possibly prevent, perhaps, not as many serious crimes, but I believe that they can prevent many demeanor crimes from…show more content…
The media depicts officers in many different ways, most of which are not always positive. Officers face discrimination as a result and may not be able to perform their duties properly. The media is constantly talking about how all law enforcement officials are racist, violent, and ultimately criminals themselves. It can be very hard for a police officer to be taken seriously. People may even fear police officers, which makes it difficult to conduct an investigation of any sort. Officers are also in danger of violence, because people assume the worst about them, they may take extraordinary measures to prevent the police from doing their jobs. Of course, there are some bad police out there, but there are also a lot of police who are keeping us all safe. The media is definitely the biggest danger law enforcement officials currently
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