Should Police Officers Protect Our Society

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Visualize a mother of two kids and a wife of a police officer waking up everyday thinking that her husband has a possibility of being killed. With that being said, I firmly believe that police officers should protect themselves with any means necessary. Recently there have been many scenarios of people claiming police brutality and also shootings taking place in regards to police officers and members of the community. Aside from the great pride that comes along with being an officer, I believe that it is the duty of an officer to protect the community around him, but that can only be done if the police officer has the full support of the community around him. The shootings and assaults that have been taking place are all in all the result of the police trying to defend themselves by making quick, rational decisions to be vigilant and better protect the community, as well as taming the increasingly…show more content…
Furthermore, many individuals believe that the police officers are misusing their power by taking extreme measures when situations arise. In shootings for example, we see that many police officers claim that their lives were in danger and the individual displayed threatening behavior that required them to fire. Many people contend this as they think that the police officers did not have sufficient discretion in firing their weapon and used their deep rooted, or even subtle, racism in handling the situation. In other words, had the individual been White the situation would have ended differently, and not with a dead African American person. The fact that in each of these cases of police brutality the individual ends up dead and unable to tell their side of the story is extremely alarming to
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