The Pros And Cons Of Police Shootings

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Police shootings occur all over the world but are a huge problem within the United States. We continue to hear more and more about them. These shootings are making headlines. Front page news it seems almost weekly. All the shootings go one of two ways. Either a Police Officer has been shot or a Police Officer has shot a citizen, but either way the final result is death. Whether an Officer has been shot or an Officer has shot someone these cases seem to be related to one thing, fear. People in today’s society feel as though they can’t trust Police Officers as they are there to hurt and kill them. And Police Officers feel as though they are in danger of doing their everyday duties because people see them as the “bad guys” and want to hurt or kill them. Yes, police brutality and racism still exist, but not all cops are bad. Yes there are still bad citizens in this world that want to kill and harm others, but not all citizens are bad. People seem to react to these shootings by rioting quickly after a police officer has shot and killed someone without the facts and knowledge of events that actually took place. These people turn to looting and rioting without the cold hard truth. They simply reacted based on what they believe the truth to be. For instance the Michael Brown shooting that happened in Ferguson, MO in August of 2014. This particular shooting involved Officer Darren Wilson (which happened to be white) shooting and killing an unarmed black teenager (Michael Brown). As soon as this news broke out, angry citizens took to the streets of Ferguson within hours. They destroyed businesses, burned cars and assaulted officers. All of which these events took place before an investigation had even began. The rioters carried on for days... ... middle of paper ... ...e to make an informed factual conclusion to this incident due to the fact that I took the time to ask the right questions. I did not make assumptions. I had a purpose when searching for information. I looked for and collected all the information I needed to make a decision on facts. I asked myself questions which focused on depth and breadth. I took time to understand the logic. I weeded through opinions and looked for relevance within the articles I read. I took all of my questions and wrote them down on a separate piece of paper. As I did the research I answered my questions. This gave me the ability to deeper learning of this problem. My opinion on this differs from that of a minimal student simply because I applied the standards of a critical thinker. I broke down the issue and searched for the reasoning which enabled me to make an informed no biased decision.

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