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Police shootings occur all over the world but are a huge problem within the United States. We continue to hear more and more about them. These shootings are making headlines. Front page news it seems almost weekly. All the shootings go one of two ways. Either a Police Officer has been shot or a Police Officer has shot a citizen, but either way the final result is death. Whether an Officer has been shot or an Officer has shot someone these cases seem to be related to one thing, fear. People in today’s society feel as though they can’t trust Police Officers as they are there to hurt and kill them. And Police Officers feel as though they are in danger of doing their everyday duties because people see them as the “bad guys” and want to hurt or …show more content…

This particular shooting involved Officer Darren Wilson (which happened to be white) shooting and killing an unarmed black teenager (Michael Brown). As soon as this news broke out, angry citizens took to the streets of Ferguson within hours. They destroyed businesses, burned cars and assaulted officers. All of which these events took place before an investigation had even began. The rioters carried on for days without actual facts of what happened that Saturday when Officer Wilson pulled the trigger and let out six rounds into Michael Brown leaving him dead on the …show more content…

I believe officers in law enforcement are here to serve and protect the citizens of this country. Although as I stated before I also believe that there are still a few that are bad. The majority of them are good. For any kind of change to begin a number of factors need to be involved. The citizens need to use fairness. Fairness when seeing an officer on the street. Not be quick to judge. Just because they see an officer on the street in uniform does not mean that he is bad and out to hurt them. They need to use clarity. Yes, Wilson shot and killed Brown but they need to know all the facts before making a decision on the situation. Why did he shot? Did he feel threatened? Why did he feel threatened? Accuracy, as they need to dig deeper into why the shooting occurred. Ask does this all make sense? Logically would a police officer have shot to kill simply to commit murder in broad daylight with witnesses? Without all of these questions being answered with facts and being quick to judge is not only ridiculous, but it leads to more issues such as rioting and looting. It will also lead to more shootings. More innocent people will continue to be hurt. Either physically or by the loss of their business and cars, etc. due to the damage. This ignorant behavior not only causes more problems but

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that police shootings occur all over the world but are a huge problem within the united states. people react by looting and rioting without the truth.
  • Opines that the lack of trust in police officers leads to more crimes and hate towards them.
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