The Mexian Revolution: A Revolution or Civil War? Essay

The Mexian Revolution: A Revolution or Civil War? Essay

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The Mexican Revolution took place in 1910 and ended dictatorship in Mexico. It also
established a constitutional republic. The Mexican Revolution began as a movement of middle-
class protest against the long-standing dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. Leaders such as Francisco
Madero, Pascual Orozco, Pancho Villa, and Emiliano Zapata fought to bring it to an end in 1917.
These were long years of frustration for those who yearned for change. A big question that stood
out from the start was if this was really a revolution or if it was just a civil war. At this point,
revolutionists understood the goals of all of this; socially and economically. The main goal of
this Revolution was to end dictatorship and start the new beginning of a constitutional republic.
Porfirio Diaz came into power after a military revolt led by liberal faction. Diaz had goals to
centralize the state’s power. He wanted to modernize the country economically and politically. A
centralized state power with free market was his focus. He increased relations with world
economy. Although In the monopoly of violence, he had to reassure investors that their
investments would be safe.
Madero took power in 1910 in which he overthrew Porfirio Diaz. Guerilla leaders Pancho
Villa, and Emiliano Zapata helped Madero. In 1914, Carranza occupies Mexico with the support
of the U.S. soon after Zapata occupies. Mexico needed labor reform and education reform. For
the most part, the new constitution was based on 20th century liberalism under Articles 3, 27, and
123. Liberalism is founded on ideas of liberty and equality. It is gradual reform in moral,

religious, or political matters. This is what the Revolution aimed to gain. The Constitution

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...rom Mercedes to her cook, Rosita, to make a mango pie.
Rosita thought it was strange to have mangos at this hour so she asked how she got them, as
Hellman was explaining, Rosita began to shake her head and said “you see, this is how it works
in Mexico: the poor are always feeding the rich” (Hellman, 209).

I think that was very well said to conclude what we have learned about the case study of
Mexico in the context of political and economic development. The main goal of the constitution
was to end dictatorship and start the new beginning of a constitutional republic. Through the
many struggles Mexico, its leaders, and its people went through; Mexico is still struggling. There
were many improvements that are still in place till this day but as we read in the book of
Hellman about people’s lives in Mexico , there are still much more to do.

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