Parallel Wars in History

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Until we can learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat history. Many historians feel that without knowledge of the past can prevent future conflicts and events from taking the same course of events. This statement is true for the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War occurred before in the form of the American Revolution. In order to understand the validity of that statement one must understand the French and foreign influences, the might of the British and United States, how the wars were fought, geography, and politics used in both wars. By understanding these one can come up with a working definition of revolution and the similarities between the two conflicts which span over 150 years between the two.
To understand both conflicts one must first understand that revolution is not a single event. It is instead a process. The goal of revolution is the redistribution of wealth and economic power. In both cases the battle waged in both wars were waged for these reasons and in both cases the seeds for these revolutions had been planted long before the conflicts themselves.
If those seeds were the seeds of revolution than the sower of the seed was France. It had a presence before the American Revolution in the British colonies and Vietnam was a French colony up until very recently at the time of the Vietnam War. In both cases France had recently vacated the territory and the result was revolution. In Vietnam the French had prevented the spread of communism and had the support of the United States. As author and historian John Green put it, “Why would we fight with the French to maintain a colonial empire? Oh right, because we were blinded by our fear of communism” (Green). It was the U.S. fear of the spread of communism that propelle...

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