The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Revolution began November 20th, 1910. It is disputable that it extended up to two decades and seized more than 900,000 lives. This revolution, however, also ended dictatorship in Mexico and restored the rights of farm workers, or peons, and its citizens. Revolutions are often started because a large group of individuals want to see a change. These beings decided to be the change that they wanted to see and risked many things, including their lives. Francisco “Pancho” Villa and Emiliano Zapata are the main revolutionaries remembered. These figures of the revolution took on the responsibility that came with the title. Their main goal was to regain the rights the people deserved. The peons believed that they deserved the land that they labored on. These workers rose up in a vehement conflict against those opposing and oppressing them. The United States was also significantly affected by this war because anybody who did not want to fight left the country and migrated north. While the end of the revolution may be considered to be in the year of 1917 with the draft of a new constitution, the fighting did not culminate until the 1930’s.
Leading Up to the Revolt
As with many a war, there is a problem with no real solution in sight. This leads the citizens of that nation to cause a war. According to PBS, land was allocated from the people of Mexico and was given to the wealthier landowners, additionally no Mexican was able to own land without the proper legal documents. The Mexican Revolution started in 1910 when citizens began to doubt their dictator, Porfirio Díaz. In 1908 he stated in an interview that by the year 1910, the people could expect a clean election. Therefore Francisco I. Madero, a rich landowner, gathered a sm...

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