Essay on McGregor's Theory at Whole Foods

Essay on McGregor's Theory at Whole Foods

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What role, if any, does McGregor's Theory Y play at Whole Foods? Explain
McGregor has written two theories about human nature. Theory X basically assumes that people will do the least amount of work required of them. That they will need to be monitored and workers will need a set of rules for every employee to follow . There is also no incentive for them to go above their current job duty. Theory Y basically believes that if you give the employee the opportunity to do well the employee will take that opportunity and use it to the best of their abilities. They are able to set their own work goals and really strive to put their all into their career. They will be go getters that are responsible for their self and willing to do whatever the company needs from them. They will own up to any issue and trust that their co-workers will do the same (Larsson, Vinberg & Wiklund, 2007).
John Mackey has a core belief in “Conscious Capitalism” and uses McGregor’s Theory Y to get the most out of his employees. He thinks that if the employees are in charge of their own careers that they will work that much harder. He believes that someone who wants to be at work will positively impact all customer relations which helps the brand maintain its high level of customer satisfaction. The core belief is that happier people doing their jobs will lead to a much higher degree of service for the customers. Happy customers tend to have repeat business and helps the brand grow or maintain their level of business. Mackey also wants employees that have a high degree of ingenuity and creativity. The next great idea will not come from a board meeting but often come from those that work directly in the field. Essentially he wants to make use of eve...

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...ious. Stability is another factor that could make Whole Foods an attractive career. They have been consistent in everything they have down and show a dedicated to the communities around them. Not many companies have the same track record and this proves that Whole Foods is in it not only for themselves.

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