What Are The Characteristics Of Leadership In Nursing Essay

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I. Title: Clinical leadership qualities embraced by contemporary nurses
I prefer to write an article about leadership qualities because leadership is more than just a title, more than just the remuneration received, more than just the power vested, but it is about the unequivocal changes a leader can cause not just to their subordinates but to the recipients of quality healthcare as well.
II. Objective
This paper aims to identify the characteristics of a leader that their followers perceive as a contributing factor to their success and the organization in the health care system. Thus, this article will identify and describe the following:
- Qualities of nursing leaders acknowledged by their subordinates;
- Qualities of leaders accepted by the new generation of nurses;
- Leadership qualities of novice nurses applied into practice;
- Expertise and the leadership qualities patronized by their subordinates; and
- The nurses’ pursuit for the key qualities of
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A. Nurses’ perception of the qualities of a successful nursing leader According to a numerous study, the common characteristics of a leader as perceived by nurses are their passion for the nursing profession, the sense of positivity, having a good interpersonal skills, an excellent health educator and role model, ability to manage crisis in a very professional level, strong communication skills, presence during crisis, committed to excellence, ability to motivate and knows how to engage the people to attain their shared goals (O 'connor and Stodart 2012; Stanley 2014; Anonson et al. 2014; Sherman 2012).
B. Followers’ responsibility to effective leadership
According to Sherman (2012), followers greatly contribute to the success of their leaders, and one must give their participation, support, acceptance of the challenge, open communication, trust and give their feedbacks. Behind every successful leader is a motivated and responsible follower.
C. Leadership challenges of the new

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