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The Mastery Of Closing Essay

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A close is the final stage in the sales process. It is the last step. It is when a decision maker accepts or rejects the offer. Acceptance could mean a long, prosperous future for both the salesperson and for the prospective buyer. Acceptance is how salespeople earn their living. Rejection, on the other hand, means wasted time, effort, and resources. Rejection is often the result of inadequate selling and guidance through the sales process. Closing, the vital and conclusive stage of the sales process, can be the difference between yes and no.
Miller (2002) found that a close signifies something different to a salesperson than it does to a prospect. To a salesperson, this is the time to get the prospect to commit to the solution. A salesperson sees the close as the time to get the buyer’s signature and to get paid. This is a novice, “one-dimensional way of thinking” (p. 197) and is often the way of thinking amongst the reactive, as opposed to proactive, salespeople.
To a prospect, the close signifies the “final logical step in a business evaluation process” (p. 196). The buyer has already uncovered their own need for change and has evaluated the salesperson’s proposed solution and its return on investment. Now, they must accept or decline the offer. A close from a buyer’s perspective is the stage where they make their decision.
This variance in perspective between the salesperson and the buyer leads to confusion because they are entering the final step with drastically different agendas. This could lead to a botched close, resulting in a “no” or a “maybe later”—both of which are never good for a salesperso...

... middle of paper ...

...he sales process. Thoroughly moving through every step previously and maintaining control of the sale is the best way to ensure a seamless, successful decision from the prospective buyer.
 Salespeople and buyers think of the close from their own perspectives. To prevent confusion, a salesperson should think like a prospect.
 There are many different closing types, being familiar with a variety ensures flexibility and confidence, making it more likely you will close the sale.
 Vary your negotiation strategy to best persuade buyers to your proposed offering.
 Utilize the tricks and tools of closing to enhance your effectiveness.
 Remember that no one closing technique can compensate for good selling—build a relationship, uncover relevant information, offer a solution to their major pains, and adequately overcome any objections to enable a successful close.

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