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The purpose of this paper is to determine whether or not the closing techniques used by sales personnel are ethical and fair or would be considered using pressure tactics. Suppose you knew either that the prospective buyer would eventually decide to buy the property anyway, or that it would genuinely be in the prospect’s interest to buy it. Would that affect your moral assessment of this closing technique? Do customers have any grounds for complaining about this closing technique if the law allows them three days to change their minds? What ideals, obligations, and effects must the salesperson consider? What interests and rights of the customer are at stake? The references will come from Chapter 6 of the textbook and several internet articles. Section 1: Introduction and situational analysis. The current situation that exists in today's sales environment is that sales must be made to sustain the life blood of a corporation that provides goods and services. Revenue drives a sales team and lack of revenue can bring down an entire team, group, sales force and possibly, the company itself. Sales people are normally assigned a mentor when they join a sales organization. The job up that mentor is to show the new salesperson the ropes of how things work within the organization. The hierarchy of sales to management personnel is established almost immediately. The salesperson knows from day one who's in charge, what the expectations are from the sales management, your team and the company as a whole. The pressure to meet and exceed your assigned goal is also introduced into the equation. All these factors can make or break a new salesperson. The real estate market took a major hit back in the closing days of the George W. Bush admini... ... middle of paper ... ... maintain her employment with Sunrise Land Developers. The sales director, Wright Boazman, had to decide whether he had the patience to allow Jean additional time to hone her craft or accept and adopt the proven, established system of closing deals at Sunrise or whether to let her go. According to the text, the utilitarianism instructs us to maximize happiness for everyone affected by our actions (Shaw, 2014, P.46). The needs of the group exceed the number of the few or the one. It could be left up to either Jean to decide whether she would change her mindset and get with the program and increase her closing ratios or her Wright Boazman to fire her and replace her with someone who would follow enlist the training and follow the established program. At some point, the line in the sand would have to be drawn. It was up to Jean or Wright to cross it or step back.

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