Essay on Marketing Strategy Of Motorola 's New Marketing Campaign

Essay on Marketing Strategy Of Motorola 's New Marketing Campaign

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Recently, Motorola, the past mobile phone giant launched a marketing campaign that urged the loyal customers of Apple to buy its Moto Z instead of upgrading their IPhones to the 7 version (Kulp). Motorola designs Moto Z as the comparative object of IPhone so that it can provide the great innovation – the Moto Mods to its target audiences. The Moto Mods are the accessories of Moto Z including a projector, a speaker and a power pack that significantly attract the buying attention of Apple 's fans (Linaria). Accordingly, this marketing campaign can be identified as the differentiation strategy and a competitive strategy to highlight the product quality and innovation against the leading company of Apple in the mobile phone market. However, it is hard to believe that Motorola 's new marketing campaign can achieve its goal because of the wrong targeting of market segment influenced by the customer loyalty, and the weak brand image compared with Apple.
Initially, the customer loyalty to Apple can unfavorably influence the buying desire of Motorola 's targeted customers so that the ineffective selection of market segmentation seriously challenges the success of its new marketing strategy. Carmine Gallo demonstrates that the greatest success factor of Apple is its insane customer loyalty (2). Apple achieves this insane customer loyalty through the strong likeability, trustworthiness and quality as the aspects emphasized by its products such as IPhone (Gallo 9). In this case, Motorola targets the loyal customers of Apple because it believes that they may change customer decisions through the attractiveness of new functions that IPhone cannot provide. However, Motorola campaign didn 't affect customer 's desire to buy iPhone 7. The effectiv...

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...their needs. Motorola should to innovate and meet consumer expectation, and that’s going to be their focus. It will involve the uses of the technology in attracting new customers while forming tighter bonds with existing ones.
In conclusion, the wrong selection of market segmentation and the unfavorable brand competitiveness both significantly reduce the success possibility of Motorola 's new marketing campaign. Motorola used to be the leader in their market area, and well-known the international cutting-edge technology company. Accordingly, it is better for Motorola to change its selection of market segmentation into a niche segment – business people who will be more interested in the functions of the Moto Mods during their business travels and presentations to their customers. Also, Motorola needs to focus on customers need, and provide maximize customers ' value.

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