Marketing Strategy: Target's Competitive Strategy

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Recommendations to achieve a sustained competitive advantage: Online, mobile, and store purchase will certainly increase customer traffic with the online and store combinations gives Target Corporation with a best possible low-cost price. A best-cost provider strategy allows Target to position itself and compete with low-cost providers such as Walmart. In addition, it employs a competitive strategy with a designer label along with superior supply chain, increased operational capabilities, and skilled employees. . The strategy of sending coupons are huge for a customer, so increase discount based on their purchase history and use the store brand credit card to attract more customers. Strengthening Competitive Position As part of a generic strategy,…show more content…
Target is also taking advantage of a new retail format with a different mix of its growth opportunity in the same market segment offering new Target Express store and internet channels. Keep the brand promise and matching prices with Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy (Zacks, 2013). Offensive and Defensively Strategic Position: Target initiated many strategic moves to build a better market position. Target 's defensive strategy is to leverage the strength in the technology and the physical store to its advantage, pre-empt its rival in the order online, and store picks up a business model. Target 's defensive strategy to counter Amazon is, to abandon the minimum purchase for free shipping qualification to boost traffic to its online portal. According to Schafer (2013), Target Corporation desire is to improve Target Brand and be a better version of Target with an incremental products and services. Target Corporation acquisitions counter any threat from other rival online retailers and allow Target Corporation to cross promote between Target and the new entity strengthening its
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