The Marketing Of Marketing Book And Feel The Following Concepts Are Important And Interest Me As A Marketing Student

The Marketing Of Marketing Book And Feel The Following Concepts Are Important And Interest Me As A Marketing Student

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I’ve read the first 6 chapters of the Marketing Book and feel the following concepts are important and interest me as a marketing student. I found it interesting to read how the major corporations spend vast amounts of money to get you interested in their products. I am considered an impulsive buyer, when I see something that interests me; I usually do some initial product research and then take a chance and purchase it. I’ve made large and small purchases after seeing ads that interested me either on television, on the computer or in a magazine. The following terms are what peaked my interest from the readings.
Marketing - I felt compelled to discuss this one as it interests me. I like to watch commercials and see how they get folks interested in buying their products. The Superbowl ads are a great example, not only are they funny, but they highlight the major corporations that are trying to get you to buy their products. Most folks discuss the ads the following day at work and most will relate to the product the next time they see it in the stores.
Exchange - The trade of things of value between the buyer and the seller. (Grewal/Levy, 2015) A great example of this is Ebay. I have bought and sold on ebay, although it seems to be losing its luster, it’s still a great place to buy and sell your products. Some folks will tell you they’ve had bad experiences on ebay, but for the most part I’ve always had good luck. I especially like how I can find a specific item I’m looking for with just a quick search for the item. They also make it extremely easy to purchase with the use of PayPal.
B2C – Business to consumer or the process in which businesses sell to consumers. Every business is started with one goal in mind and th...

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...d ad placements are a large profit contributor. It’s just frustrating as a consumer to be bombarded with the constant ads and junk emails.
Regional Culture – I especially like this one, I grew up in upstate New York where Stewarts Ice Cream shops and Genesee Beer were common names. When I ask folks that have never been to New York most say they’ve never heard of either one. Locally here in Fredericksburg, we’ve all heard of Wegman’s grocery stores but they are a regional supermarket chain that most folks on the west coast have most likely never heard of. Northern Virginia is also home to a lot of new micro breweries and small distilleries. The local area has a lot of regional culture which it imparts on its consumers. The local market trends appeal to a lot of small business owners looking to venture out and make an honest living in the northern Virginia area.

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