Critical Analysis Of Marketing Strategies

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Analysis of Marketing Strategies Marketing is a core pillar of an organization and contribute significantly in its prosperity through attaining the laid down targets as well as scope of development. The position of an organization is hugely based on its competitiveness and capacity to capture a significant portion of the market in relation to the prevailing needs of consumers. Interaction of the organization with the consumers and the potential consumer in the market arena is attained through the marketing wing of the organization (Ferrell& Hartline, 2012). The preferences of the consumer and avenues of satisfaction are aligned to the established marketing frameworks. However, the success of organization marketing is highly inclined to the marketing strategies formulated and adapted towards coping with competition and eventually enhancing firm competitiveness. Marketing …show more content…

The increasing process of globalization, coupled with an organization seeking to satisfy the needs of consumers globally, contributes significantly in embracing technology in the marketing process. In addition the marketing strategies are inclined towards reaching not only the targeted segment, but also potential customer that can be captured based on the market forecast of the firm. Therefore, integrating various tools of communication as well as platform of reaching out to a wide range of audience has been embraced by corporate globally. Notably, effective communication is vital in the marketing process (Percy, 2008). On the other hand, reaching out to a wide range of customers or audience in the advertising process in significant important. From this perspective organization can utilize both effective communication and a contemporary platform to reach to a wide range of

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