Allegiant Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is that broad area of business activity that directs the flow of services provided by the carrier to the customer in order to satisfy customers’ needs and wants and to achieve company objectives. Marketing is more than selling: it involves a number of business activities, including forecasting, market research and analysis, product research and development, price setting, and promotion, including advertising. Marketing also involves the finance activities such as credit and collection that are associated with ticket sales. Marketing is customer oriented…Without marketing and sales, there would be no airlines. (p. 274) The airline exists to market and marketing exists because of the airline. Without customers and sales there would be no marketing but there would be no customers and sales without marketing. It is an ever-evolving process and a circular process; one cannot exist without the other. In marketing there is a mix which consists of types and amounts of controllable variable that a company will use over time. (Wensveen, 2011) The four variables are known as the “Four P’s”, these variables are: 1.Product: The product or service must be developed for the target market. In the airlines the product is not a physical item but services rendered. These services are not limited to but often include: Safety, timeliness (on-time arrivals and departures), convenience, in-flight services, and carrier’s image. 2.Price: A price must be set to add value to the consumer but also add revenue to the airline. Cost is considered the most volatile areas in the airline industry today; deregulation has forced pricing to become the major competitive variable. Like any industry supply and demand control the pricing elements of the ai... ... middle of paper ... ...mer wants it. (Wensveen, 2011) Allegiant is available by being in the right locale. For a lot of Allegiants customers they are the only option for them to get to highly desirable destinations, such as: Las Vegas, Honolulu, and Orlando. Works Cited Fast Company (2009, September). Heard of Allegiant Air? Why It's the Nation's Most Profitable Airline | Fast Company | Business + Innovation. Retrieved November 16, 2013, from REBRANDERY (2006, June 6). How Allegiant Air Travel Created A Branding Strategy Within Their Niche Market | Rebrandery [Web log post]. Retrieved from Wensveen, J. G. (2011). Air transportation: A management perspective. England: Ashgate.

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