Managing Classroom Behavior and Learning in the Primary Classroom Essay

Managing Classroom Behavior and Learning in the Primary Classroom Essay

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‘The poor behaviour of some children affects not only their learning but also the learning of others.’ (Adams 2009, page 4) This suggests that poorly managed behaviour in the classroom can have a detrimental effect on learning overall, as well as individually. This assignment will analyse how behaviour and learning are inextricably linked. This assignment will also emphasise how primary classroom teachers develop behaviour management strategies in order to promote an effective and positive learning environment.
Ofsted (2005, page 15) discusses how if children can enjoy learning it is more likely that their behaviour will be positive; likewise if their behaviour is good then the children are most likely to learn. The Every Child Matters: change for children (ECM) policy (DfES, 2004, page 10) underpins this link between behaviour and education. Every child has the right to learn and therefore the key outcomes, ‘stay safe’, ‘enjoy and achieve’, and ‘make a positive contribution’, in the ECM agenda are incorporated in all behaviour and learning strategies. During school experience, these key outcomes are clearly outlined in the whole school behaviour policy, one of the rules being, ‘Let everyone learn.’
Reiterating the link between behaviour and learning, the basis of high-quality classroom management is to have high expectations for pupil behaviour. (TDA, 2009) Not only does having high expectations of the children promote learning, if the expectations for behaviour are clear and the rules made explicit then the pupils know exactly what is required of them. Essentially, teachers get what they expect from their pupils - this includes behaviour and learning. (Kuklinski and Weinstein, 2003; Arthur and Cremin 2010) The standards for...

... middle of paper ... Accessed 10/04/2012 Paragraph 4.16.

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