Discipline With Dignity And Discipline: The Different Models Of Classroom Management

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There are several different models of classroom management, but there appears to be no collective agreement as to which one is the best. Because every student is different, students’ behavior should be addressed according to their specific need. Disruptive behaviors tend to be a result of a few causes. These causes tend to be either because the student is seeking attention trying to avoid failure, are angry, want to gain control of a situation, have too much unused energy, are feeling bored, or are uninformed. In studying the different methods that have been researched, I have settled on two that I would like to focus this paper, Discipline with dignity and Discipline through same side win-win strategies.
Discipline with dignity suggests that disruptive behaviors will not become a significant problem when students are able to maintain dignity and have a genuine sense hope and possibility for gaining success. This behavioral model asserts that
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When everyone is pursuing a common goal, dealing with behavior problems eventually become self-regulating. Win-Win Discipline enables people to work together to find mutual solutions to behavior problems. The ultimate goal is not to stop or end disruptive behavior, but to teach responsibility and self-control. The foundations of this model are their three pillars of win-win discipline: preventive measures; the ABCD of disruptive behaviors (aggression, breaking rules, confrontation, or disengagement); student positions; class rules; moment of disruption structures; follow up structures; and life skills. The three pillars are the foundation of the behavioral model which are: everyone is on the same side; everyone collaborates on solutions; and everyone learns proactive responsibility from each situation regardless of their

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