The Lpn Of The Charge Nurse Role Essay

The Lpn Of The Charge Nurse Role Essay

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Lauren K. Trudell
Professor Holly Boylan
Practical Nursing 129
7 December 2015
The LPN in the Charge Nurse Role
Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are often placed in the charge nurse role within certain types of of clinical settings, mainly skilled nursing centers. In order to better observe and understand this type of role an LPN can take on, I had a preceptorship at the Wellsprings Lutheran Home in Monroe. I had two preceptors during this month long precepting experience who demonstrated in their own ways how to be an LPN in a nursing home setting. Throughout this preceptorship I learned from both of my preceptors Angie and Tricia. They demonstrated key points of the Lutheran Home’s LPN job description, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and leadership styles in the charge nurse role.
Lutheran Home provides a very detailed job description and both of my preceptors met all of the standards set forth by this job description for a licensed practical nurse. Within this job description are many of the expected tasks and duties expected of LPNs to be able to perform at the Lutheran Home. One such task is the necessity for a nurse to communicate effectively with both residents and family members. In this particular aspect of the job description, both of my preceptors succeeded and kept family members up to date on their family member 's condition. One such case involved a resident having a seizure episode after many months of no documented seizure activity. After ensuring the resident was stable, Angie worked to update the health care team but also made sure to contact the family and discuss the resident’s status after the seizure. There were also multiple cases where a resident needed to be sent out to an acute care facil...

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... they are in charge of and have to assign tasks to. When assigning tasks it is important to utilize effective communications techniques and to understand the type of leader you are as a person. After this experience I feel I have a better understanding the LPN in the charge nurse role after working at the Lutheran home and have a better appreciation for charge nurses in general.

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