Essay on Lifelong Learning Through Self Directed Learning

Essay on Lifelong Learning Through Self Directed Learning

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Lifelong learning is developing a new skills or knowledge through lifelong, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of education for professional reasons or personal purpose. In other words, lifelong learning is the process of one educating oneself from early childhood to late senior years. A lifelong learning idea represents that, people learned by their selves, in groups, and from each other. Also, they learn by making real model solution to new products where we have to apply our skills and they take their skills that they learned and apply it to a real-life practice field. There are some factors that play an important role in lifelong learning through self-directed learning such as: creativity, self-concept as an effective learner, and openness to learning opportunities. Dave Truss, in a philosophy essay, states, “The goal of education is to enrich the lives of students while producing articulate, expressive thinkers and lifelong learners that are socially responsible, resilient, and active citizen of the world. Education is about teaching students, not subjects." Education has no boundaries and is a lifelong process.

There are several reasons why lifelong learning for engineers is very important. Some of them include: the evolving nature of national needs and the relentless pace of technological change. It is important to remind ourselves that lifelong learning is not adjusting to something that is false, but it is establishing and reinforcing what is better in the profession. In lifelong learning imperative in engineering article, states how the world changing due to engineering profession. It reads, “In today’s world of rapid scientific and engineering growth, the half-life of an engineer’s technical knowl...

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...aborate with other workers that leads to improve our communication skills and technical skills.

As an engineer, we should identify our ability to do the work without any barrier including lack of knowledge and not using time wisely which means time mismanagement. In the article, “Student-directed learning opportunities for the development of lifelong learning skills” it states that how the curriculum layout the lifelong skills through the student involving several academic disciplines.

In Conclusion, lifelong learning is those people who become involved in learning throughout their lives for personal and professional accomplishments. In other words, it means that do not leave the education after graduation. Therefore, it is excellent for professional development and we will benefit from lifelong learning.

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