Importance Of Learner Development

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Standard #1: Learner Development.

This standard requires a teacher to really understand his/her students especially through the ways they grow and develop. It is important for them to understand that every student is different and therefore, will learn in their own ways. The teacher then learns to meet the needs of all students specifically by creating learning experiences for all to comprehend. Differentiated instruction would be helpful in a classroom in order for the teacher to meet the needs of students who have differences when it comes to interests, readiness and learning needs.

Standard #2: Learning Differences

Teachers will become familiar with the ways in which students learn best, allowing them to create a classroom that
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Assessments allow for teachers to monitor the progress and growth of his/her students, help engage students and help guide teachers as well as students in their decision making. Teachers should know that tests are not the only way to assess students in the classroom. It is important for educators constantly assess their students on comprehension and progression.Teachers can take use of both formal and informal assessments so that they can engage students in their own learning, as well as monitor their comprehension and progress.

Standard #7: Planning for Instruction.

This standard expresses the importance of supporting students so they can meet higher standards. Teachers will support students by having knowledge of all of the different areas of teaching and with a strong curriculum that targets everyone. I understand how important it is to help my students meet their personal learning goals through my teachings. I will be organized and simple english and instructions in each and all of my lesson plans. I will also take into consideration the different backgrounds that my students will have and how that may impact the way they learn.

Standard #8: Instructional
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