Lifelong Education: The Importance Of Lifelong Learning

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The important key of lifelong learning was for individuals of all ages and holds an array of benefits for them and society. It promotes their full economic and societal participation, enables them to be better informed and more active citizens, contributes to their personal wellbeing and fulfilment, supports their creativity and innovation, and increases their efficiency as workers or volunteers (Brian Tracy)

Learning is intrinsic and we engage in learning throughout our whole lives. The public and private benefits of lifelong learning include enhanced employability, reduced expenditure in unemployment benefits, welfare payments and early retirement pensions, higher tax revenue, increased social returns - for instance in terms of civic
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We can summarize the greatest benefits of lifelong learning as: First is the benefit of helping us to adapt to change. A lifelong learner will keep up with society by staying current and aware of changes in such areas as technology, news and political trends or finance and money issues. The lifelong learners look for opportunities to embrace the new technologies. A second benefit of lifelong learning is a bigger pay check.

Beside that the job promotions go to the employees who are the best versed and educated in their job fields. For a new jobs and positions was created for a time. However the new careers also will keep on open anytime. The lifelong learner will stays at the top and when the opportunities comes to them, they will answer it’s immediately.

Lastly, a huge benefit of lifelong learning is the enriching and fulfilling the life. To people for whom continuing education becomes second nature, they can look forward to active and meaningful lives instead of 20+ years of sitting around and watching life pass us by. A lifelong learner uses opportunities to explore these topics which they find
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