The Life and Representations of patron Saint Barbra Essay

The Life and Representations of patron Saint Barbra Essay

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This report is about the patron Saint Barbra, who is the patron saint for United States artillerymen. You will read about her life, why she represents artilleryman, other things she represents, and many interesting facts about her. In my opinion she has a very interesting story to why she represents us.
Though when she was born is debatable, it is believed to be in the late third century maybe early fourth century. There are several facts about her that are fairly constant in all the articles I read. She was a young beautiful woman. Who had a father who feared that his daughter would one day leave him and never return. He was a Pagan named Dioscorus. In an attempt to stop that he locked her in a tower and kept her under tight lock and key. As she stayed in her tower it is said that she often stared into the country side looking at all the trees and the animals and thought that there had to be more to life than what her father believed. She than looked into the teaching f Christianity. In turn she became a devoted believer. Even going as far as having a priest sneak in posing as a physician to baptize her.
Her father went on a journey of sorts, and ordered a bath house be built for her of a design he had already approved of. When the workers came she convinced then to put three windows in, instead of the two her father had approved of. This was supposed to represent the holy trinity. Out raged when he returned her father demanded to know why. She told him the meaning behind it and immediately she was take before the prefect of the province, and was sentenced to torture and death by beheading for being a Christian.
Her own father is said to have beheaded her himself. Another rumor is said that when her father was walking...

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...half of the United States Army Field Artillery or the United States Marine Corps. Field artillery. The Ancient Order of Saint Barbra is reserved for those whose lives have well represented the spirit, dignity, and sense of commitment shown it Saint Barbra.
As you can tell, Saint Barbra is revered around the world and sought after for safety when something tragic can happen at any moment. Along with the other patron saints that represent military she is widely accepted from American forces to Italian and Greece troops. The story of her life in my opinion is very interesting, and one that should be taught in Artillery classrooms. It could teach people to not act out in anger as her father did because there could be dire consequences. On the other side of the coin it could teach someone to hold tight to their beliefs as Saint Barbra did till her last breath.

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