United States Marine Corps Essays

  • The History of the United States Marine Corps

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    The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces whose sole purpose is to provide an assault force from the sea and to be the initial strike force of the United States Military. The USMC is currently under the Department of the Navy but is recognized as its own branch of the military. The USMC has served in every major war since the Revolutionary War in 1775. (Corps, History and Heritage-Our Purpose, 2014) The USMC’s Core Values, or ethics, are taken very seriously

  • The United States Marine Corps

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    war. Marines courageously serve in our nations wars. Their ability to win battles allows our nations to deal with threats quickly without making the situation more dangerous than it already is. Since the year of 1775 the Marines have been the number one branch of the military called upon first. Their ability to execute the most rapid, effective, and efficient military response to disputes anywhere in the world, makes them one of the most respected branches of the military. The Marines Corps are deployed

  • United States Marine Corps Campaign Advertisement

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    The campaign advertisement ran by the United States Marine Corps uses versatile imagery and a connotative language approach to strategically attract minority women. The print ad shows a female Marine in a defensive martial arts pose on looked by a crowd of men in what seems to be a combat training session implying she is the leader. The tag line: “There are no female Marines. Only Marines” suggests that women who join the Marines will have equal standing with men in their organization. The ad itself

  • Customs And Courtesies In The United States Marine Corps

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    Customs, courtesies, and traditions mean the way marines uphold themselves, while at the same time showing respect among different ranks and keeping traditions celebrated as time goes on. The United States Marine Corps was founded on November 10th, 1775 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and consists of many customs, courtesies, and traditions. Like so many things in life, the Marine Corps have a set of strict and firm rules and regulations that are made to uphold by each and every person enlisted

  • Military Professionalism- The Importance of Professionalism in the United States Marine Corps

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    Professionals in the United States Marine Corps stand apart from others engaged in particular careers in the civilian world.While many vocations contain some of the characteristics of professional, a lot of careers do not include all of the elements necessary to distinguish themselves as being as close to a professional as a marine. Professionalism grows depending on the time and service they have in the Marine Corps. A professional has specialized knowledge and skill which can only be acquired through

  • M9 Service Pistol - United States Marine Corps

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    service pistol, misfire procedures, and what may cause a misfire. This period of instruction is in direct relation to corps">Marine Corps Weaponry. 3.     INTRODUCE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: a. TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Without the aid of reference, demonstrate the four steps in clearing a misfire and describe some ways a misfire may occur in accordance with MCI 21.35 of the MARINE CORPS INSTITUTE, (INSPECTION AND REPAIR OF THE M9 SERVICE PISTOL). (CPLX1) b.      ENABLING LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Without

  • Preserving America's Elite: The US Marine Corps

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    The Marine Corps Fight to Remain One of Americas Elite Fighting Forces The United States Marine Corps is known as one of the worlds most elite fighting groups. Marines are looked highly upon by most people in American society. However, The Marine corps has had a rough journey since their birth date on November 10th, 1775. While the American people felt and still feel that the Marine Corps are vital in our military. Though the Marine Corps was formed originally for amphibious warfare they have proven

  • The Marine Corps Memorial: A Description Of The Marine Corps Memorial

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    amazing was the Marine Corps Memorial. The Marine Corps statue was designed in honor of the men and women that served in the Marines during World War II, who gave their lives to protect the United States during the war since 1775 (Marines, 2016). The sculpture is known as the Iwo Jima Memorial, which we visited outside of the Arlington National Cemetery, which is located in the Arlington Ridge Park. The sculpture is adjacent to the Potomac River from Washington D.C. The Marine Corp sculpture has

  • Argumentative Essay On The Marine Corps Birthday

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    HERITAGE ESSAY ON THE MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY Barly Mui Navy Senior Enlisted Academy Class # 213 – Khaki Group HERITAGE ESSAY ON THE MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY “This November 10th marks 242 years of warfighting excellence … Marines have fought with an inner spirit – a spirit that bonds us, binds us together as a cohesive team.” (Neller, 2017). The Marine Corps Birthday is a celebration of Marine Corps history and traditions. Senior enlisted leaders (who) should be aware of the Marine Corps Birthday (what)

  • Smc Vs Army

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    both the United States Army and the Marine Corps wish to keep every person protected, whether they’re in serious danger or not. Although Army and Marine Corps rifle platoons share many elements, they are comprised of many differences. Many of the men and women throughout the United States Army and the Marine Corps use guns to protect everyday citizens, but they are not received at the same time. There are also many contrasting specializations between the United States Army and the Marine Corps. While

  • The Benefits Of The Marine Corps

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    college, others will go straight into the workforce while a small amount will join The United States Military Forces. These forces include the Air Force, Army, Navy and of course the Marine Corps. The Marines are a tough branch to get into seeing that there are many mental and physical requirements. Being in the Marine Corps does not only mean being in combat, but becoming a better person. Being a part of the Marine Corps comes with a lot of benefits, but to acquire those benefits, there requires a lot

  • History of the Marines

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    the Marines What do Drew Carey, Gene Hackman, and Lee Harvey Oswald all have in common? They are all, The Few. The Proud. The Marines. Like these young men, many people after high school join one of the many branches of the military. From the U.S. Bureau of Labor, nine out of ten high school graduates go into the military. However with the Marine Corps being the smallest of the branches, only one-fifth of them become Marines. In 2006, according to the Recruit Depot Parris Island for Marines, 99

  • Making The Corps

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    “Making the Corps”, gives a description about the United States Marine Corps’ basic military training. The book’s main focal point is Platoon 3086 at Parris Island, S.C., in 1995. Their story is about their eleven weeks boot camp training to become a full-fledged marine. Mr. Ricks writes about what separates the marines from American society, he writes how the Marine Corps differ from other branches of the Unites States military, as well as life after boot camp. How the Marine Corps’ values show

  • The U.S. Marines and the 19th Century

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    The U.S. Marines and the 19th Century In the beginning of the 21st Century the U.S. Marine Corps stands at a strength of approximately 200,000 personnel. The Marines are also equipped with tanks, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and specialized ships, manned by the U.S. Navy, to transport them to various destinations. These numbers constitute a larger force than the entire armed forces of many countries and the U.S. Marine Corps is considered the junior service of the U.S. military. The Defense

  • Why I Became An Officer

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    to become an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. There are many different reasons why I am eager to become an OFficer. At an early age I knew I wanted to be just like my dad, who would always go on deployments, taking care of his sailors, and serving his country proud. Although he was never home I knew he had to be out there making sure that the ship is up and running and that his ship mates were always on deck. As the backbone of the United States Marine Corps I know the importance of being

  • The Importance Of Marine Corps Values

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    disciplinary action will be taken. The practice of panopticism is most prevalent in the Marines, the strictest

  • World War II- The Pacific Campaign

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    importance and such a gigantic magnitude. The United States served an absolutely vital role in the outcome of this war. The U.S. was faced with the duty of taking on two different wars at the same time in two different places in the world. Something that many countries would have backed away from. The European front was without hesitation the more evident of the two considering the unquestionable mayhem and evils that were being committed by Adolf Hitler. United States involvement on the European front was

  • The Concept of Accountability

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    is in the everyday life of a United States Marine. I will do this by presenting the textbook definition of accountability then dissecting it and defining it in my own words. I will then show you how the military practices accountability with everything it does; by applying a system that is similiar to that of checks and balances. I will tie into this the Incident that occurd in 29 Palms, CA on August 31, 1988, where the failure to have accountability of all the marines on Base ultimately resulted

  • Essay On Marine Corps Traditions

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    According to Nofi, “The United States Marine Corps is America's best-known military unit and perhaps the most famous in the world” . The traditions of the Marine Corps date way back since 1775 and the current regulations have been derived from the way marines in the past carried out their day to day activities. Some customs have been incorporated into the current orders and regulations to be able to standardize conduct of the marines. It is important for a marine to know and keep in mind traditional

  • Marine Corps

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    fight for right and freedom, and to keep our honor clean; We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine. Our flag's unfurled to every breeze from dawn to setting sun. We have fought in every clime and place, where we could take a gun. In the snow of far off northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes, You will find us always on the job, The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve. In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve