Cannon Essays

  • The Influence of Physiscs on the Development of Cannons

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    The development of cannons was a significant part of history in wartime and surprisingly, physics. The very motion of a cannon ball is so similar to projectile motion that it isn’t too hard to figure out that there exists a connection between the two. Projectile Motion, which is a part of mechanics, is the motion of an object in a two-dimensional world. Since a cannon travels in these two dimensions, making a similar curve, they are a prime example used in applying concepts of projectile motion.

  • The Development of The Cannon and Gun Powder

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    The Cannon and Gun Powder The developments of gunpowder and the cannon were the most important advances during the Middle Ages. If it weren't for these inventions, who knows how we would be fighting today, possibly still the wars of Ancient Rome. The development of gunpowder meant that soon the use of knights would be useless because of the projectile that could easily knock a knight off his horse, rendering him helpless. The gunpowder enabled this projectile. The development of the cannon goes

  • Ronald Reagan, "Reagan" by Lou Cannon

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    Cannon, Lou. Reagan. New York: Putnam, 1982. Lou Cannon has covered Ronald Reagan for thirty-six years, first as a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, later as the White House correspondent for the Washington Post. He began with covering Reagan's first campaign for governor of California in 1966 and continued until Reagan's recent death in 2004. His other books on Reagan include Ronnie and Jesse: A Political Odyssey, Ronald Reagan: The Presidential Portfolio, President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime

  • Annie Jump Cannon

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    Quiet Heroes of Science For my first Extension I have chosen to research about a woman named Annie Jump Cannon. She was a renowned astronomer who lived from 1863-1941. She was a true pioneer for women everywhere and greatly contributed to the field of astronomy. This is an essay about her accomplishments as a Quiet Hero of Science. Annie Jump Cannon was born in Dover Delaware on December 11, 1863. As a young child and throughout her life she was not able to hear as well as other people. Despite

  • The Effects of Gunpowder on Warfare

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    battle tactics to more modern day weapons and tactics because the gunpowder powered weapons are more deadly. Weapons that use gunpowder to launch projectiles have a greater range than melee weapons and are more powerful than bow and arrows. Also, cannons are more powerful and have a greater range and accuracy than catapults and they also can be reloaded faster than catapults. Gunpowder weapons changed war because they are stronger, more accurate, have a greater range and are able to be reloaded faster

  • Dbq Gunpowder

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    The cannons were assembled with barrels and long wooden cores that were hammered together and then filled with molten hot iron to secure any cracks. When Europeans tested a cannons use at war, they often exploded because the gunpowders explosions was too strong compared to canon itself. A primary source that indicates gunpowder was a transition

  • Importance Of Revolutionary War Weapons

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    not have gained our independence. Without weapons how could you kill the enemy? I will be talking about different weapons used in the Revolutionary war and how the specifically worked Such as: long range rifles, the sabre, the musket, pistols, and cannons. I will also be talking about how they benefits in the revolutionary war. I will also talk about war tactics. The flintlock musket was the weapon used the most in the revolutionary war. The flintlock musket was the most essential weapon used in the

  • Kingsville Christmas Parade Short Story

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    worked on the cannon that was suppose to fire and make as much noise as possible. We did the calculation, we got the materials, and we put it all together. It was about 8 feet long and 4 inches wide. We tested the cannon for 2 days and found it to be what we needed for the parade. We painted the cannon red and put a white stripe of tape to make it look more like a candy cane than a cannon. It looked and sounded as good as I wanted it too. However, there was one flaw. If we fired the cannon too fast,

  • GCSE War Poem

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    Brigade” is written in the present. In addition, Tennyson’s poem has a lot of action in it but Binyon’s poem is a view of soldiers after they die. “The Charge of the Light Brigade” is about 600 men who charged into an ambush of Russian and Cossack cannons. This happened because the commander mistook orders and told the men to charge into the Russian main base. Over two-thirds of the soldiers die, while in the midst of battle. Binyon’s poem is about men who all die in war. Binyon compares their lives

  • The Battle of Sullivan’s Island

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    The Battle of Sullivan’s Island The Palmetto Patriots One would ruminate that 1100 men equipped with 30 pieces of artillery defending an un-finished fort would be no match for three thousand men and nine war ships armed with 270 cannons. Contrarily, on 28 June 1776 during the Revolutionary War, the American Forces proved a decisive victory against the British, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence was days later. The Patriots, under the leadership of Colonel William Moultrie, made

  • America Needs Gun Control

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    background checks for individuals purchasing weapons at gun shows will stop criminals from possessing guns. This is another misconception. There are over 240 million guns in America. Over 40 percent of all homes in the United States have guns. (Cannon) It would be impossible to enforce any type of legislation to control all of these guns. (Barone) Criminals will be able to obtain guns regardless of any new legislation that is enacted. An example of one of these new laws is the "one gun a month

  • Weapons of The Civil War

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    widely used as today, but still made their name clear on the battlefield. At the time of the Civil War, (1861–1865) there was a large variety of weapons used on the battlefield. These weapon variations include the following: rifles, pistols, swords, cannons and even early forms of grenades. Considering that weapons were not quite evolved yet, they had a great number of problems and weaknesses. This effected their range, accuracy, performance, power, maneuverability, ext… Civil war weapons were also

  • Changes of Weaponry and Warfare during the Middle Ages

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    Changes of Weaponry and Warfare during the Middle Ages During the Middle Ages, or also known as the Medieval Ages, change was a major part of that period. Europe was watching war become much different. In the older times, a few thousands of troops were considered a large army. Nowadays, nobody has ever seen such size of an army with such variety in weapons including guns, munitions, and artillery that were all developed during that period. Besides, it was obvious that the face of warfare was changing

  • The Other Fort Knox

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    century. Located at the mouth of the Penobscot River, Fort Knox is a heavily fortified defensive point. The fort boasts of remarkable engineering and a fascinating labyrinth of passageways. With thirty foot high walls of huge granite blocks, and cannons that could fire a four hundred and fifty pound ball a distance of three miles, Fort Knox would have been a brutal foe for the British navy. When we arrived, two of the group leaders, Sarah and Josh, went to go set up lunch, while my wife, Mary

  • Arm Wrestling With My Father Analysis

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    Brad Manning’s “Arm Wrestling with My Father” and Sarah Vowell’s “Shooting Dad” are two readings that are similar in topic but are presented in different ways. Manning describes his relationship with his father was a physical relationship. Vowell describes her relationship with her father as more political. In both Brad Manning’s and Sarah Vowell’s essays, they both had struggled to connect with their fathers at an early age and both come to a realization that their fathers aren’t immortal. To begin

  • Storming of the Bastille

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    return the mob became angry, fearing that they had been detained. A second delegation was sent forth. These soon came out again with the message that the Governor had adamantly refused to surrender. The delegates also had the information that the cannon were unloaded. This piece of news was all that the mob needed to urge them on. "...But the fury of the crowd continued to increase and their blind wrath did not spare de Launay's escort...Exhausted by his efforts to defend his prisoner...he had to

  • Technological Improvements of the Civil War

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    expands upon firing. Ironclads were the best way to protect yourself at sea. An ironclad is a warship that is covered with iron. They were much better than the wooden ships because they could withstand greater blows. The ironclads had two large cannons located at the top of the ship that were rotating on a turret so that they could fire in all directions. Doctor Richard Gatling patented the Gatling gun in 1861. This gun would become one of the deadliest weapons of the war. The Gatling gun was a

  • Air Defense Artillery

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    turned a cannon skyward and shot down a union observation balloon. Quite some time would pass before it was thought of as the beginning of Air Defense Artillery, and even more time from when it would go into an all-out combat arm in France. The Secretary of War sent

  • George Melies Tripto the Moon

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    abundance of individuals who seemed to be gathered in what resembles a castle of some sort. This is where the so-called “wizards” have gathered and have figured out to take their trip to the moon. The following scene shows us a large cannon type figure, an extremely large cannon to be exact, very abnormal looking. The concept of space travel at this time was unheard of and this being a silent film, allows us to realize that just by looking at this contraption that this is how they are going to get to the

  • The Trebuchet

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    it experienced. All in all, the Trebuchet was a fearsome weapon of mass destruction during the Middle Ages, a force to be reckoned with. Trebuchets only lost favor when cannons emerged, and the primary benefit of the cannon that the trebuchet lacked was not in fact power, but rather mobility. Smaller, more maneuverable cannons rapidly overran the position of the trebuchet in most armies across the world. Warwolf, the legendary trebuchet built by the English Army to destroy Castle Urquhart,