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  • mayor Patrick Cannons

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    Information Patrick D. Cannon is the former mayor of Charlotte, NC. Cannon served on the Charlotte city council from 1994 to 2013. He was elected Mayor of Charlotte in November of 2013. Allegations In 2010 federal authorities launched an investigation on corruption involving bribery. In five separate cases between January 2013 and February 2014 Cannon accepted more than $48,000 in cash, airline tickets, hotel rooms, and a luxury apartment from undercover FBI agents. In the last case Cannon accepted $20,000

  • Annie Jump Cannon

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    Quiet Heroes of Science For my first Extension I have chosen to research about a woman named Annie Jump Cannon. She was a renowned astronomer who lived from 1863-1941. She was a true pioneer for women everywhere and greatly contributed to the field of astronomy. This is an essay about her accomplishments as a Quiet Hero of Science. Annie Jump Cannon was born in Dover Delaware on December 11, 1863. As a young child and throughout her life she was not able to hear as well as other people. Despite

  • The Influence of Physiscs on the Development of Cannons

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    The development of cannons was a significant part of history in wartime and surprisingly, physics. The very motion of a cannon ball is so similar to projectile motion that it isn’t too hard to figure out that there exists a connection between the two. Projectile Motion, which is a part of mechanics, is the motion of an object in a two-dimensional world. Since a cannon travels in these two dimensions, making a similar curve, they are a prime example used in applying concepts of projectile motion.

  • The Development of The Cannon and Gun Powder

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    The Cannon and Gun Powder The developments of gunpowder and the cannon were the most important advances during the Middle Ages. If it weren't for these inventions, who knows how we would be fighting today, possibly still the wars of Ancient Rome. The development of gunpowder meant that soon the use of knights would be useless because of the projectile that could easily knock a knight off his horse, rendering him helpless. The gunpowder enabled this projectile. The development of the cannon goes

  • Distance and Height of Cannon Projectiles

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    Distance and height of cannon projectiles For the mathematical investigation, I want to focus on angles and trigonometry and differentiation, since these areas are the ones interesting me the most in the SL syllabus, and connect it to war history, and weapons used in wars, which are some of my other interests. I take history on higher level in the IB, and war has always been one of my interests. The cannon has improved over the past 1000 years and has been an effective way for an army to shoot

  • Ronald Reagan, "Reagan" by Lou Cannon

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    Cannon, Lou. Reagan. New York: Putnam, 1982. Lou Cannon has covered Ronald Reagan for thirty-six years, first as a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, later as the White House correspondent for the Washington Post. He began with covering Reagan's first campaign for governor of California in 1966 and continued until Reagan's recent death in 2004. His other books on Reagan include Ronnie and Jesse: A Political Odyssey, Ronald Reagan: The Presidential Portfolio, President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime

  • Compare And Contrast The Cannon-Bard Theory Of Emotion

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    I have chosen two theories of emotion that I am interested in such as: the James-Lange Theory of Emotion and the Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion. This paper describes those theories by comparing and contrasting them;

  • Patty Cannon: The Failures Of Free African Americans And Slaves

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    African Americans had been treated as if they were not human. One of the famous female kidnappers of free African Americans included Patty Cannon. Her prejudicial beliefs were that African Americans were property to be sold and nothing more. When issued a search warrant, she was found in her home with twenty-one kidnapped African Americans and skeletons. “At trial, Cannon was sentenced to death. To avoid hanging, she took poison which killed her, but first led her to break down and confess to killing eleven

  • The Elements of Learning by B. Banner, Jr., and C. Cannon

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    their time. The book “The Elements of Learning” by B. Banner, Jr., and C. Cannon, introduces the elements a student must possess in order be successful in college. The research made by my team, “Collin’s Angels”, will determine important factors for freshman success, and the changes that a student makes in order to succeed through the first year of college. In the book “The Elements of Learning” by B. Banner, Jr., and C. Cannon, the authors introduce eleven different elements that characterize the different

  • We Must Keep Daniel Defoe in the Literary Cannon

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    Daniel Defoe born in or around 1660 experienced the most complex disastrous events in England before he was seven. In 1664 a Dutch fleet attacked London, in 1665 the plague took seventy thousand lives and in 1666 the great fire destroyed Defoe’s neighborhood expect for three houses, one being his. Born to a family of dissenters a class of people who refused to conform to the Church of England, Defoe was hindered with obstacles from the start. Receiving his education from a dissenter’s school and