Nobility from Hungary, Countess Elizabeth Bathory

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Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary, was born in 1560. That was a long time ago. Where you could do almost anything if you were a noble and you could get away with it. This was especially true in Elizabeth Bathory’s time. This was the reason she was able to kill over 600 virgin women to bathe in their blood. Only to make her complexion even better. She was later referred to as Count Dracula, because of her horrible treatment to her victims.
She was an only child. Her parents were very powerful people. Her father was the king of Sweden. He was away most of the time. She was raised by her mother and she During her childhood, she witnessed horrific trials and sentences carried out under her family’s officials. Such experiences resulted in seizures that were believed at that time to make her neurotic. These were mostly punishments for the common people for breaking laws or anything else. Some of the punishments were rape, lynching, and torture. People have estimated, this is what caused her to carry on some of these tactics to her prisoners.
At the age of 14, she delivered a child. This child was from another father, so it was killed. The following year she was married to Count Ferencz Nadasdy. He was a very powerful noble in Hungary. Because of his high power, he was often chosen to govern the Hungarian Army during the Ottoman wars. He was not very supportive of her. Only marrying her for her father’s money and power. Making her feel bad about herself. Some people believe that this is why she started to kill and torture the common women, making them feel bad about being a commoner, and her feeling good about being a noble’s daughter.
With her husband away at battle, she became the leader of the land, taking full advantage of th...

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...they arrested her. She had a trial, and not death because of her wealth. During the trial, witnesses, as well as Elizabeth’s other helpers, stated all they knew when they were present. Most of them did not know much because of Dravulia. She was usually the only one in the room, because Elizabeth knew that she could rely on her. Dravulia was killed after the trial. She was murdered by one of the noble’s as revenge. During the trial, a servant found her diary covered in names and techniques used. This made the case. She stated that she had done what she had done because the servants were not respecting her. Elizabeth was never present at her trials due to her nobility, although she was told what was going on. She was eventually sentenced under solitary confinement. Meaning she was in a room by herself for the rest of her life. She was found dead in 1614, in her room.

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