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Joan of Arc “I am not afraid… I was born to do this,” confidently stated the brave and courageous Joan of Arc on her feelings of leading an army into battle (Joan of Arc). From being born into an ordinary farming family in northeastern France to becoming canonized a saint, Joan lived a legacy. Her call to life a holy life from God and to lead France into many battles against England show her strong faith and trust in the Lord. The early life, uprising, downfall, and canonization of Joan of Arc are factors that summarize her extraordinary life. Her humility during the good times and her strength during bad times make Joan an admirable woman. Born Jeanne d’Arc in 1412, she was taught to follow and pray to God (Joan of Arc). She grew up in the Meuse River Valley in Domremy, France (Williamson). Joan was raised during the Hundred Years War, at a time when England was pulling ahead, and France was falling behind. Charles VI was in rule at the time. Eventually, King Henry V from England became the ruler over France as well as England, and Joan felt it sickening to sit back and watch. From a young age, it became obvious that Joan had an active interest in her country and wanted to do what she could to protect it from harm. When Joan was only…show more content…
Joan was taken captive by Burgundians. The Burgundians later exchanged Joan with the English for 10,000 francs. Joan was placed in a court of law and was charged with 70 charges against her. Witchcraft, heresy, and dressing like a man are just a few (Joan of Arc). The court case was originally a public case, but later turned private. In addition, she was placed in a military prison and was threatened to be raped and tortured. Following this, she denied divine guidance but was still sentenced to be put to death. After being interrogated at court over ten times, Joan was burned at stake at the age nineteen in the middle of town before a crowd of 10,000 (Joan of Arc

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