Joan of Arc

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During the Middle Ages of Europe there was a great war between France and England known as the 100 year War. Throughout this war there were many historic battles and many warriors that have had stories told about them over the years. None more famous than a young girl from a small village named Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc lived a short life, but did so much that she has many songs, stories, and even today movies made about her. If there was one person that deserved to have stories told about them, Joan of Arc is that person deserving. Joan of Arc was born in a small village that that laid between both occupied French and Burgundians (who were loyal to the English) territories called Domremie in 1412. Her parents were very devoutly religious who were farmers and her father also performed tax collecting and headed the local watch for protection of the village. Joan was very young and started hearing voices calling for her to assist the French army and the Dauphin (the uncrowned king of France), Charles VII. Those voices were said to be of St. Michael, St Catherine, and St. Margaret. In 1428 Joan of Arc traveled to Vaucouleurs and asked for permission to talk with the Dauphin and was turned away. One year later she returned and was finally heard. At the time the French were constantly losing battles to the English and their allies the Burgandians and were in need of a miracle or lose the war all together. In 1429 Joan of Arc convinced Charles VII about her voices and was finally given her opportunity to prove her need to the French armies. Charles VII provided her own security detail made up of several military men so she could join the French army at Orleans. There, she would create a banner that bore the name Jesus on it... ... middle of paper ... ... then has become one of the most popular Saints in the Roman Catholic Church. Joan of Arc lived for a very short time, but was involved in so much of the middle ages of Europe. She motivated the French army, when at their lowest to aggressively attack the English with spiritual words and actions. She was captured and tried for a false crime by a corrupt jurisdiction and put to death. Following she would be burned alive and forever remembered as a Patron Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. She is and has been an inspiration to both men and women for almost 600 years and stories will be told about her for another 600 more. Works Cited “St Joan of Arc”, The Biography Channel website, 2014 [Accessed February 16, 2014] Pernoud, Regine; Cline, Marie-Veronique. Joan of Arc: Her Story. (Palgrave Macmillan, 1999).

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