Learning Concept # 1 : Supervisors Functions Essay

Learning Concept # 1 : Supervisors Functions Essay

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Learning Concept #1: Supervisors Functions
The textbook talks about the roles of a supervisor in the work place. It goes on to say that in today’s age those supervisors don’t just have one role they have many. Social service work agencies are very busy so that means supervisors don’t take it lightly when they are asked to take on a student for placement. The textbook states, “even though supervisors are busy they are responsible for providing exposure to the realities of social work.” (Pg33)

Learning Concept #2: Detailed of supervision
The textbook says, “Our supervisors will give us and understanding of the agency policies, work duty, your schedule and how you would be evaluated.” (34) The second role of supervision is the education supervision. The textbook states that in this role the supervisor will reinforce what we have learned in the classroom, enhancing and elaborating information as needed for that particular agencies and discuse cases with us.” (34) The third role of supervisor would be the supportive supervision the textbooks says that “this means offering understanding why you have difficult case or suggesting how to proceed. Supportive supervision is given every time you supervisor helps you understand your feelings about how the internship is going. (Pg34)

Learning Concept #3 How to prepare for supervision
The textbook talks about how to prepare for supervision. It goes on to talk about how they found that students that haven’t had what they considered a real job normally aren’t prepared for how supervision works. They state that to be ready for a meeting we need to be prepared. We shouldn’t assume that when we go to a meeting that a pen and paper will be there available for you. It goes on to how can assume th...

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...he book though was that it talked about how people who have worked jobs like waitressing and baby-sitting aren’t use to supervision. I’ve done both jobs in my life and I always had someone looking over my shoulder. Now working at a call center I have plenty of supervision and I know what to expect and how to be ready for a meeting. The fourth concept of negotiating what you need actually I found really helpful because I feel like at some point each and everyone one of us will have to talk to our supervisors about things we feel like may be uncomfortable with and the point of writing down your thoughts down actually I feel like that would help me. Lastly the assertiveness is a very good point we all need to learn how to be assertive but not domineering but also not passive. It s valuable skill to learn but for some people it’s a life long skill to learn and practice.

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