Leadership Theories : The Great Man Theory Essay

Leadership Theories : The Great Man Theory Essay

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I have chosen for this paper the following three leadership theories: The Great Man Theory, the Trait Theory and Participative Leadership.
Great Man Theory
What moves an individual to raise as a great leader? What do people do fight against all odds and reach goals for themselves or other people? Some scholars have agreed that those questions can be responded by the Great Man Theory. Basically, it tells that great leaders are born, not molded. They have special characteristics in their behavior that cannot be found in other people, as much as they are capable of change the course of history. It is even considered that these special people deserved to get to such high position in history because of this talent.
This theory was first analyzed in the 19th century by historians such as Thomas Carlyle, which stated that history was just a collection of acts of great men.
The Great Man Theory is based in main beliefs: A great leader is born and special faculties made them to improve and show the way. Great leaders can ascend when their talent is needed (Alliance, 2016).
In 1911, the Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition told the story of world based on great men biographies, supporting Thomas Carlyle and colleagues’ theory.
There is some opposition to this theory. Some other scholars like Herbert Spencer battled that theory which he believed that leaders were products of their environment but despite opposition the theory stay popular until the 20th century. Since then, there has been other theories developed as the behavioral disciplines grew (Alliance, 2016).
I don’t believe this theory can be utilized by a leader to inspiration and reward other individuals, neither used to develop interpersonal skills. It is in a sense too exclusiv...

... middle of paper ...

...ns but it is up to the manager to used them. The main idea of this style is to create a work environment where employees feel part of the decision making, even though it is guarantee because the decision is taking by the manager at last.
4. Participate. The participate style, decisions are taking by the team, subordinates and managers as a group. Employees are treated as they were stockholders and managers (Leadership, 2016).
This theory can be utilized by a leader to inspire others, specifically in the participate and consultative styles by motivating the employees to provide their own opinions or decisions. At the same time, it can help the leader to build personal confidence.
This style can be used for leading in a work environment by creating an open work environment where all the participants are able to contribute to the decision making but with certain limits.

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