Leadership Is The Most Evolving Phenomenon Essay

Leadership Is The Most Evolving Phenomenon Essay

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Introduction – Leadership
Leadership is the most evolving phenomenon and there is no single definition that can define leadership at its best. Leadership is the ability to inspire others and influence towards being creative and productive to fulfil the goals of a leader. The leadership is mainly the human perspective of expressing the organization, motivating people to perform jobs and develop a sense of work within them to achieve the long-term goals and expression of visions and defining its objectives. The leader is able to provide meaning to the work, without which everything is meaningless (John, 2013). According to John, leadership is an approach that is able to generate loyalty, respect and demand and is the utmost secret ingredient to increasing an organization’s morale, end goals, productivity level, results and efficiency level. Even, in the situations when people do not agree to the footsteps an organization is following, a strong leadership can make them realize the pros and cons and the benefits they can reap fully to reach an overall team effort (John, 2013).
It is important to note, that “leadership” is one of the most popular and a global phenomenon that is highly debatable and requires a lot of time and effort to be understood in terms of the organizational behavior. Like many other skills, leadership skills require constant improvement at all levels within an organization – no matter to which industry that organization belongs to. No one seems to comprehend, a success criteria of leadership and what will work best under different circumstances. This is the quality of a leader that makes a certain technique of leadership appropriate at certain situation and not the others. Everyone agrees to the point, that the tr...

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...hat both these variables are unable to predict the true meaning of an effective leadership. We know that the success of a leader depends upon the coordination and interaction between the situation and leader and simply cannot alone rely upon behavior or trait approach to leadership (Canwell, 2014).

The Contingency approach to leadership
This approach to leadership suggest that an understanding of the concept of leadership requires both characteristics within a leader – behavior and traits or a combination of both approaches along with the situation of leadership. The “Situational Leadership” suggests that various styles of leadership are implemented in different situations. This makes it important for the leader to understand the main characteristics of the organization they are working in and then change their behavior towards a particular situation (Yukl, 2001).

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