Leadership Goals And Objectives Of Leadership Essay

Leadership Goals And Objectives Of Leadership Essay

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Traditionally, the process of leadership essentially relates towards positively enhancing abilities associated with moving, motivating, and inspiring others towards collectively accomplishing both goals and objectives. Thinking back over the years, pinpointing one single influential leadership source was challenging because there is not just one, but many separate individuals characterized as each utilizing a differentiated set of leadership knowledge, skills, and capabilities in order to effectively enhance personal leadership capabilities. Out of all the individuals who positively contributed towards enhancing leadership capabilities, one individual implicitly and explicitly helped to create a valuable moral compass made of quality materials while also helping to build a solid foundation to continually improve upon. After contemplating back to the late 90’s, someone who truly instilled and inspired a vision of what professionalism represents is man named Marc McNally, a father, friend, and confidant. Father was dedicated, passionate, and hardworking, having worked as a sheet rocker practically every day for a very long time and despite being broke, he always kept a good attitude. The following summation will reveal some learned lessons and explain the importance of viewing leadership from alternative perspectives. By relating professional experience to reading materials, highlighting various lessons derived from the aforementioned resources will effectively enhance the ability to utilize essential leadership capabilities throughout future endeavors.
Work related experience began at a young age, completing various odd jobs including snow shoveling, yard work, pool concession sales, marketing through the distrib...

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...the result of gaining a profound relationship with a now deceased father named Marc McNally. Some of constantly reinforced saying include, “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”, and “within every situation, there is always a right and wrong answer”. The supportive relationship seemingly mitigated all negativities associated with growing up in poverty, effectively building a moral compass from quality materials including compassion, ethical reasoning, and professionalism. Developing leadership skills and capabilities within the 21st century requires the utilization of continuous improvement strategies, focusing not only on the complexities found among the leader / follower relationships and effective leadership attributes, but also towards the development of oneself, others, and the wide array of other factors influencing organizational performance.

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