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When considering the term management, there has always been a common miss conception that this automatically makes an individual a leader. Leadership is only a single element of the management role. Many times managers are more comfortable utilizing a particular leadership style. While this may work well the majority of the time, certain employees or situations may require a different approach. Good leadership requires that the individual recognize the need for change to motivate their employees to accomplish the task at hand or to reach common goals. Understanding the importance of leadership is essential. However, the key element to focus on is what steps can be taken to improve one’s leadership capabilities. For many individuals this may be a difficult question to answer and may only be possible through self-assessment and reflection.
Many times we can get so busy and wrapped up in our jobs that we may lose sight of how we are actually performing as a leader. Self-Assessment exercises offered in the reading material offer a valid look into strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. The first assessment that began to make me think about my leadership role deals directly with social motives in the work setting.
The Social Motives in the Work Setting assessment begins by asking, “Why would I want to be a leader” (Bethel College, 2003, p. 33)? This can be a question difficult to answer due to the fact that it is probably something we don’t think about. As the results are calculated, the assessment offers three possible reasons why we choose to step into a leadership role. These include power, achievement, and affiliation. Based on the results, I am achievement orientated, I totally agree with ...

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... responsibilities.
Finally, relationships in the work place and in our personal lives are one of the most important aspects that define us as individuals. Everyone knows how much more can be accomplished in a situation where there is a good working relationship verses the opposite. In a leadership role it is important to have a good understanding of each individual team member. This understanding can include what motivates, what is important, and how the leader can tap into these resources. As each of us progress in our leadership roles, it is important to remember, it’s not all about me. I believe once we accept any type of leadership role, we accept the responsibility to serve others. If we consider it only for personal gain, we will probably not be remembered as a good leader.

Bethel College (2003). Leadership. Boston, MA: The McGraw-Hill Companies.
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