Leadership And Personal Qualities Of A Leadership Essay

Leadership And Personal Qualities Of A Leadership Essay

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Leadership Paper
A leader embodies many characteristics, motivating and inspiring people to bring about change. In the counseling profession leadership is essential, but as a student, it is confusing to understand my role as a leader. Although I have been in various leadership positions, integrating those characteristics into a cohesive style is difficult. West, Bubenz, Osborn, Paez, and Desmond discuss the importance for counseling students to develop a leadership vision and create a plan of implementation. Through this reflection, my goal is to cohesively integrate my qualities and skills and create my own leadership plan.
Personality and Personal Qualities
Of all the components of a leader, I believe personality and personal qualities are most important. I have come to understand my personality fairly well, and with the help of the MBTI, it is clear how those qualities influence to my leadership style. My type, INTJ, indicates that I enjoy implementing ideas, seeing patterns in external events, and I am organized. Also, I am independent, carry through on tasks, and have high standards of competence and performance for myself and others. Many of the qualities described in my type are similar to those of a leader, including being collaborative, consistent, trustworthy, and committed. Further, I identify with the idea that a great leader is a servant first. This type of leader is one who ensures other people’s needs are met, by supporting others and ignoring their own ego and power. As a counselor in training, I feel this idea is directly related to the philosophy of counseling and helping others. Some of my personality characteristics are in the nature of a servant, including being approachable, adaptable, genuine, and supporti...

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...pects of the transformational model in trying to transform the needs, values, and aspirations of the follower from self-interests to collective interest. I feel that this idea works well with my leadership qualities and focusing on getting a job done. Further, transformational leaders give meaning to work by promoting commitment in others. This idea aligns well with my established skills. However, I also like the ideas of a transactional leader. This style is focused on the relationship between leaders and followers, which aligns with the skills I have developed. Although I am not yet certain on my preferred leadership model, I feel that I now have a better idea of how I can use my characteristics and skills in a leadership position. Overall, my experiences in this course and the counseling program have prepared me to one day be a great leader in the counseling field.

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