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In this essay we will be introduced to a leader who holds a high place of authority in the military and gain some personal insight on leadership and management. Then will look at this writer’s own personality traits and what leadership model the personality traits best match. Then look at the tenets of motivation and how this writer’s personality suites these tenets. Also look at the relationship between effective communication and motivation. Then finally we will look at some thoughts of what it takes to be an effective employee, successful manager, and an exemplary citizen.


The first part of this week’s assignment was to look was to interview a manager/leader that we admire and seek their insight on management. But before we discuss the interview let me introduce you to who I selected as my interview subject. Chief Master Sergeant Smith is the Chief Enlisted Manager of the 235th Operations Group, 15th Wing, Air Combat Command. The group consists of an HC-130 squadron, an HH-60 squadron, an operations support squadron, and a Guardian Angel squadron (paramedics that parachute into bad places). He is responsible for matters concerning the health, welfare, morale, professional development, utilization and combat readiness of more than 400 military and 50 civilian personnel. Additionally, he advises the commander on operational matters, enlisted issues, unit standards, planning, programming and mission readiness. Chief Master Sergeant Smith entered the Air Force in October 1993. After completing basic military training, he graduated from technical school as a Pararescueman in 1995. His assignments include bases in Japan, Kentucky, New Mexico and Georgia. He has also deployed numerous times in support o...

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...cation and motivation. Finally shared some thoughts on what are effective employees, successful managers, and exemplary citizens.

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