Kingdom Universal International : An Outreach Pentecostal Congregation Of A Small Town Call Wilson

Kingdom Universal International : An Outreach Pentecostal Congregation Of A Small Town Call Wilson

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Kingdom Universal International is an outreach Pentecostal congregation in a small town call Wilson. The church is international-minded, having a mission team to Barbados and South Africa every year to feed the hungry and build churches for other pastors. The church is involved in many local missions around the State of North Carolina. The church supports the evangelistic outreaches of the Women’s and Men ministry to local churches. Members are actively involved in many community activities such as the local homeless shelter, domestic violence, and nursing home. The church seeks the principals of the Gospel and for the last two years has had leadership working with the Apostle and pastor in areas such as evangelism leadership, theology education, and worship seminars. The church views the Bible as sound doctrine and the word of God. The church worship is mix of hymns and contemporary music.
Kingdom International Believe and Purpose
Kingdom Universal International believe there is a one God and Trinity which is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that made heaven and earth. They also believe that Jesus died on the cross for everyone’s sin and then rose from the grave and return to establish God’s Kingdom business. They believe that the Bible is the true word of God and every generation should seek to handle the word of truth, submit to its teaching, and submit to its authority. The leaders of the church desire are to lead others in discipleship by humbling themselves as the Great Commission. The leaders purpose is the to impact generations of different race, color, cultural, and creed with the word of God that will give them an opportunity to live an effective life. Their dedication is to equip and educate the generation wi...

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...eople, and often share the love of Christ through relationships. A lot of the members is not aware of the term evangelism, and expressed more interest in doing more training in the area of evangelism.
Kingdom University International see an evangelistic zeal to bring the world outside the church to Jesus Christ. The church has a need to come together, get involved more in the word, and will find themselves caught up in the moving of God. Evangelism is transformed from duty to adventure.
Kingdom University International is a church that believes in teaching the word of God. Their dedication is making sure that the members and leaders are equip to educate the people who souls longs for Christ. If the church value the Word, overcome temptation, show respect to each other, and put God first, the ministry will grow worldwide and a lot of souls will be save.

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