Essay on The Jim Crow Era Was A Racial Status System

Essay on The Jim Crow Era Was A Racial Status System

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The Jim Crow era was a racial status system used primarily in the south between the years of 1877 and the mid 1960’s. Jim Crow was a series of anti-black rules and conditions that were never right. The social conditions and legal discrimination of the Jim Crow era denied African Americans democratic rights and freedoms frequently. There were numerous ways in which African Americans were denied social and political equality under Jim Crow. Along with that, lynching occurred quite frequently, thousands being done over the era.
The social conditions throughout the era were extremely poor. Legal discrimination was around and African Americans were denied democratic rights and freedoms. The southern states would pass strict laws to normalize interactions between white people and African Americans. For example, Jim Crow signs were placed above regularly visited places by everyone, such as water fountains, public facilities, door entrances and exits, etc. Even the most basic rights such as drinking from a water fountain was taken away from African Americans. They would also have separate buildings for African Americans and whites as well. Hospitals, churches, public restrooms and even cemeteries would be different when comparing the races. The facilities for African Americans when equating them to whites were substandard. Plessy basically gave Jim Crow states a legal way to make African Americans feel as if they had no constitutional rights, legally.
Blacks were denied the right to vote, in different ways. African Americans who tried to vote would be threatened, beaten or killed. White people would use violence to intimidate and prevent them from even just the thought of voting. Another way they were denied the right to vote was thro...

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...d safety regulations which were costing enormous sums of money.
The poor could be seen as a political threat because the issue of poverty. People that are homeless and outside big businesses or anywhere begging for money, food, etc. can cause issues for the business they are in front of. At one point, Parenti says “Crime meant urban, urban meant Black, and the war on crime meant a bulwark against the increasingly political and vocal racial ‘other’ by the predominately white state” (Parenti, 7). The urban poor can make people not want to go to a certain area or business and can be seen as a political threat because of this. The word “poor alone” comes with a stereotype that people would not want to be around. Parenti then goes on to say “while urban poverty is old, mass joblessness is not” (Parenti, 43) meaning when there is no work, social organization diminishes.

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