Jim Crow Essay

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Jim Crow, a series of laws put into place after slavery by rich white Americans used in order to continue to subordinate African-Americans has existed for many years and continues to exist today in a different form, mass incarceration. Jim Crow laws when initially implemented were a series of anti-black laws that help segregate blacks from whites and kept blacks in a lower social, political, and economic status. In modern day, the term Jim Crow is used as a way to explain the mass incarcerations of blacks since Jim Crow laws were retracted. Through mass incarceration, blacks are continuously disenfranchised and subordinated by factors such as not being able to obtain housing, stoppage of income, and many other factors. Both generations of Jim Crow have been implemented through legal laws or ways that the government which helps to justify the implementation of this unjust treatment of blacks.
In chapter one of Alexander, she lays out the foundation of the original Jim Crow. With slavery abolished within the south, whites were beginning to feel that their economic success was going to begin to deteriorate. Without the ability to exploit blacks and keep them as slaves, it was difficult to find individuals to be able to work these horrific jobs. It also damaged the economic status of rich whites because they now were required to pay individuals for the labor that they did. This brings up the question of why individuals could be exploited in the first place? Before the Reconstruction Era, rich whites were able to violate the rights of blacks by no classifying them as humans. With this classification, blacks were not protected by the Constitution because they were not considered “men” and the constitution clearly states, “all men are ...

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...tecting their sons from harsh police treatment. Blacks tend to forget that the War on Drugs has devastated other families in their communities and silences families due to the fear of humiliation. The War on Drugs and drug policies have been useful tactics that have to continued to disenfranchise black males and keep them isolated from society, allowing for upper class whites to continue to dominate society as they have for centuries.
Through the term Jim Crow is not one that you see on a day-to-day basis to refer to the disenfranchisement of blacks in today’s society, it still exist and is full fledged. Targeting black through the form of drugs allows for racial discrimination to occur without using the classification as a public basis. Though one might argue that the issue is drugs, race is a consistent trait that is common is all cases of mass incarceration.
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