Essay about The Issue Of School Uniforms

Essay about The Issue Of School Uniforms

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Why has uniformity in dress became a positive instead of a negative in society? Argument after argument, the issue of school uniforms is a debate people will always have a difference of opinion on. Many people disagree that school uniforms should exist and many others agree. School uniforms have several beneficial factors. For example, wearing uniforms in schools can promote a sense of equality and promote safety belonging among students. School uniforms not only time savers for school staff, but students and parents as well.
Equality is an important attribute to have in public or private schools because it allows the school to be one body. When you are on a sports team and all the team members are dressed up in uniform, a feeling of pride overcomes each member. The pride is connected to a feeling of belonging to a team and that they are all equal. Schools can incorporate uniforms to help create this equality. Wearing a school uniform grants students the opportunity to wear the same thing as their peers. This builds unity within the school and among the students. Equality can also be demonstrated because students will not feel insecure about the clothing they are wearing. In the journal entry, “The Role of School Uniforms in Creating an Academically Motivating Climate: Do Uniforms Influence Teacher Expectations?” the author, John A. Huss (2007), quotes Mr. Clark, in a survey of teachers, ‘students treat one another with more consideration and they are less apt to ridicule certain children because they are not wearing the ‘right’ clothes’ (p.5). Students no longer have to worry about wearing the popular expensive name brands in order to fit in.
School uniforms save staff members, parents, and the students themselves a lot of time....

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...ys be a topic of debate as long as people have a voice and an opinion. Truth to the issue is that uniforms are beneficial to school safety and well-being of students. When students wear uniforms they become a part of the school community. They share in the sense of school pride and belonging, without the insecurity of having to worry about what to wear. School staff is no longer hindered with having enforce a dress code. Parents save time and money when shopping for their children 's school clothes. School uniforms are very beneficial and essential to the well-being of students in school. The question now is how can schools reinforce school uniforms? Parents, school boards, and students can help this problem by coming up with an agreement and signing a petition. Schools can maybe test out the idea and keep track of statistics to see if uniforms are beneficial.

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