The Need for School Uniforms

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In society today, school-age children are under tremendous pressure to fit in with their peers and still perform well academically. I believe that school uniforms in pre-K through high school levels is an excellent way to help children succeed not only in school, but to prepare them for college and the “real world.” Three reasons why I believe school uniforms should be used in all schools is first, they are economic, next, they reduce distractions and finally, they help with social equality.

To begin, school uniforms are economic. When schools have a uniform policy, it makes it easier on the children and parents. It is convenient because a child can just go to their closet and pick out a uniform and be ready for school. It is also very cost effective. Parents can outfit their children twice a year, warm and cold weather uniforms, rather than spending hundreds of dollars trying to keep up with expensive, name-brand clothing. In addition to being economically beneficial, school uniforms also help reduce distractions in the classroom.

When a child knows what is expected of them, as far as dress goes, it helps with distractions in the classroom. Uniforms ecourage modesty and also reduces the need for discipline from teachers because a student is not following dress code. When uniforms are in place, children come to class looking professional which can promote a better learning environment. The last and possibly the most important reason why I believe school uniforms are necessary is for social equality.

School uniforms reduce the stress children feel when trying to fit in with their peers. Without them, some children may be alienated because their economic background reflects the clothes they wear. Children tend to break off into “cliques” and uniforms could possibly help unite students. Finding creative ways to express their individuality through other outlets other than fashion can help children forge friendships based on their common interests.

In conclusion, I feel that school uniforms are something all schools should really consider implementing in their policy. All of these points made show that they could be budget-friendly, help children focus and lower the barriers children can build up because of merely what they are wearing.
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