School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

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School uniforms are a boiling conversation point these days. There are so many well-built points of view about what route parents, students, and superintendents wish to go in. It has been disputed that school uniforms have the potential to make a school safer, that uniforms reduce harassment or self-esteem issues, and that uniforms return the focus to the students' learning. I disagree. I, in fact think that school uniforms do not help make our schools a more secure place, I think that they do not revisit the center of attention to student's education - they just shifted where the attention was previous, and that they won’t help cut down on harassment or self- esteem issues in school.
It has been disputed that school uniforms would encourage protection in our education community. After all, if every student is trying the same style, it would be easier to pick out who on the school property is not a student or staff member. It is also disputed that school uniforms dampen thefts among pupils, since the contest would no longer be there. With identical outfits, no one is slaughtered over a pair of designer shoes or a designer jacket. However, most public schools already have guidelines in place stating that definite colors shouldn’t be worn to school, in areas where this would be an issue - so what has a uniform really unravel? If the students aren't dressed in those colors to begin with, then why do we feel the need to enforce uniforms?
I essentially think that when these testimonies are truly investigated, we find that neither is an acceptable argument for harmonization making our schools safe and sound. If everyone on the educational site dress in the same thing, would it not stand to rationalize that any citizen who wanted to in...

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...n our public schools today - they may seem like a good suggestion, but when looked at closer, all uniforms do is disguise the center of attention of the real concern that need to be successfully worked out. If security is a worry, we shouldn't be looking to a uniform to rectify the issue - if the concern is students not concentrating on school work, or getting meager grades, again, uniforms should not be seen as a way out. We have a duty to teach our children as much as we can in safe surroundings, and those are grave concerns that cannot be resolved by putting all children in the same attire. If all the children are wearing the same clothes, you still have a question with security and poor instruction - and now you have a student body that is being taught not to express their individuality. Uniforms in some cases, add to a school's concern, they do not answer them.
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