Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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Uniforms in our Public Schools School Uniforms are a logical choice for the public school venue. Uniforms prevent students from a lower income background to be singled out for poorly made or cheap clothing, prevents use of gang colors, allows for certain safety measures, and allows teachers to form impressions of students based on actions and work rather than dress code choices.

Since the 1990 's schools have reported amazing results by mandating a school uniform policy. Konheim-Kalkstein, Y. L (2006) write: “ School uniforms, proponents have said, can lead to improved discipline and classroom behavior, increased school attendance, respect for teachers, better school performance, higher student self-esteem and confidence, lower
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Having a mandated uniform policy in place assists in easing the burden of school clothing costs by allowing parents to shop for more reasonable prices, because the clothes will look the same regardless of the brand. School bullying can be reduced by not easily being able to determine the more expensive garments versus the less expensive, eliminating the ease with which individuals profile based on income status. Students who regularly bully other students based on clothing choices will be eliminated, improving student behavior. This policy also allows students to concentrate more on their studies than on the next new clothing fad, resulting in more academic progress. Reducing distractions stemmed from students clothing choices enables students to concentrate on what they are in school to do, which is learn. (“The Pros and cons of kids wearing uniforms in schools”, 2013). Giving our lesser advantaged students the opportunity to wear administrator mandated uniforms allows these children to feel more included and less segregated from those that are from a more advantageous background. Allowing these students to get to know each other based on actions rather than background and status could result in friendships that are more diverse and sophisticated. This could promote more tolerance in our society resulting in more a peaceful
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