Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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School Uniforms: School uniforms are a way for principals to know who belongs on campus and who does not. A while back, researchers studied that the reason certain school require students to wear school uniforms is because they feel that it will help stop other students from bulling one another, just because they don’t have on high priced shoes or clothing it shouldn 't stop them from doing what they do best. "The good thing is people judge you on your inner characteristics rather than what you wear," said Nick Duran, an 8th grader and the student-body president at Rogers Middle School (Portner)." Safety is they key, when students enter the school ground, they should feel safe and not think that someone is going to harm them. Students feel as if they have to wear school uniforms it will…show more content…
They feel that if they wear school uniforms it will limit some students self expression, on how they should come to school dressed, hair did and other things that 's involved with fashion in todays society, and may try to stop them from using their own unique style to wear what the want to school. In the article "Pros and Cons of school uniforms "We find that not having uniforms creates an environment where they 're comfortable in their own skin." and expression how they feel with the type of clothes they wear (Johne)." Students may feel that they should have the right to wear what they want to school and not be picked on or called names. Many parents may argue that students should be able to express themselves through their clothing, but not in an inappropriate way to where they get suspended from school because their showing to much or bullied because they don 't have something nice on. But in a way the parents should always check their child before they leave the house for school in the AM to make sure they don 't get In
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