Is College Worth All The Labor And Expense For College Students? Essay examples

Is College Worth All The Labor And Expense For College Students? Essay examples

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Is college worth all the labor and expense for college students to get a good education? Currently, American college students are preparing for another semester of their college years which they and their families has been involved in numerous effort and time toward the students educations. A Pew research survey shows that that 74 percent of graduates from four-year colleges say that their education was “very useful in helping them grow intellectually.” Sixty-nine percent said that “it was very useful in helping them grow and mature as a person” and 55 percent claimed that “it was very useful in helping prepare them for a job or career.” Moreover, 86 percent of these graduates think “college has been a good investment for them personally.” This research was conduct in the spring of 2011 in Pew Research Center. This survey result tells that college students are doing very well in college. While contrast to this is the recent survey of Anthony Grafton discuss the failing of higher education of college and the exploit of students. Gary Gutting use those survey to help in his discussion in his “What is College for?”
“What is College for?” by Gary Gutting argue about college’s education and how much it’s truly helping college students improving their education. Gary Gutting explain how college education system hasn’t been going in the right direction. In Gary Gutting viewpoints, college students find that their college course is becoming boring and is only useful in the field of what the college students are majoring into like computer science. After reading and analyzing Gary Gutting discussion, I believe that college students are not getting enough education they needed. For example, in order for college students to get enough edu...

... middle of paper ... their college course, they also gain financial support for the college either for financial aid or scholarship. Therefore, when attending class, always respect the teaching of the instructors.
Overall, College students should be broadminded toward their education which can benefit them more than they thought. College instructors should also pass their own knowledge toward their students in order for their students to gain better understanding of their learning. I believe that Gary Gutting argument toward college need improvement in their education. The reason why is that college is more about expanding your horizons and interests and learning about various topics than just concentrating on what you currently like and know. If college students stay close minded, their college education is almost completely pointless and their college expense also becomes worthless.

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